Jun 30, 2015

Feeding On Garbage

Feeding On Garbage- Church House Collection

Are you feeding on garbage? All my life I have believed in a God that can do great and mighty things. I have read His word of the miracles and how Jesus turned water in wine, calmed a storm, raised the dead, healed the blind, healed the deaf  and many more. Where are the miracles for today? Are they still available if you have enough faith? I could write a sermon for you and call it "How Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny And The Tooth Fairy Almost Ruined My Faith In God". It seems like we are fed lies from the time that we are born. I can remember being a small child and making my list for Santa. I can remember how I was told to just BELIEVE and have FAITH for him to come and he will bring you what you want. So I did what any child was told to do.....I BELIEVED and had FAITH. 

I would sit my milk and cookies out for him and I would lay in my bed on Christmas Eve night waiting for him to come to my house. I would wait...and listen...and I would hear sounds and think OH BOY! Is that him?! And I would eventually drift off to sleep never seeing him. 

One Christmas I wanted a Bike and Santa brought me a bike. That was what I wrote on my Christmas wish list. I was so excited. He ate the cookies and milk that was left out and he brought me just what I asked for, because I believed and had faith. I was so so happy. Then year after year I stated asking for things and was not getting them. I noticed that no matter how hard I believed or how much faith I had, I never did see him and he wasn't bringing me what I asked for. This really made me feel sad. Deep down inside I felt like something just wan't right. As I got older I noticed that there was presents under the tree mid way through December that said from Santa Clause. I was confused. I was told he came and left presents. I thought to myself what is going on here....?? 

And how about the good ole Easter Bunny that brings amazing eggs and that fantastic Tooth Fairy that every child loves so much because it brings you money. Lose a tooth and get some money from the fairy. Wow! It seems like I was just told one lie right after another about what to believe in. I hate lies. I really do. ...And I'll tell ya why....

You see, when you are taught to believe and have faith in stuff and when it fails then you start to question things. God is based upon a faith in Him. Having a belief in Him and not questioning things. Just trusting fully in what He wants and prayer is suppose to work.

 But what if prayer never seems to work?

What if God is not answering your prayer that you prayed and asked for? 

Years of no answer.     

I'm talking years of crying and feeling hopeless like nothing is going to ever change. 

You begin to start looking at life and begin to examine what is going on around you. 

Is God really real?

If if He is then why is He not answering me?

Why do I feel alone.....?

Why do I feel empty inside and no longer wanting to tell anyone about His saving power?

And honestly why would anyone want to hear from someone that God's hand is not working in their own life?

So, what If I ignored my kids? What If I went in another room of the house and every time they came to me for something....I didn't answer them? That would be pretty mean right? I would think so. What if all they wanted to do was just talk to me and I never responded? My kids would eventually stop talking to me and give up because, sometimes, this is how I feel with God. 

If I went outside everyday to fill up my pool and everyday it never filled up but just leaked out, then there would be a problem...Correct? It would have a leak somewhere because filling up a pool with water should work and hold water so you can swim. If I did this everyday, and everyday it leaked out, eventually I would say Forget it!...It's not working! Something is wrong. 

Kind of like prayer. If you pray and pray and pray and nothing is working...then something is wrong or it just flat out doesn't work. One of the two. It's just that simple. Either prayer works or it doesn't. 

If the leak in the pool is not fixed then the pool will never fill up no matter how many times you try to fill it up. But maybe you've looked and you can't find the leak. Well, then maybe it's coming from the bottom, and not the sides. 

A side leak would be pretty easy to find. 

But, what if the leak is coming from the bottom?

One crack in your pool will cause the entire thing to mess up. 

That's all it takes....

So now you know there must be a crack and you go to investigate and look for it. 

So when you started moving the pool around to see if you could find the crack in the bottom you find that it's worse than you thought. 

Some how the plastic pool has a tear from one end to the other. 

The entire floor was split from one end to the other.

 It's much worse than you thought. 

It's actually so severely damaged that patching this pool is not going to work. 

You worked so hard to clear a spot and make it nice for the pool to go. You even ordered sand and had it brought in and built it up nice and smooth. You made sure there was no big rocks under the pool. You purposely did everything right to make sure that this pool would be on a smooth surface and for nothing to poke through. 

You poured your sweat into this thing only to find out that something caused this to happen...

....something went wrong when it was made.

 It wasn't anything you did. 

You did everything right. 

It was split straight from the factory but you never noticed until it was time to actually fill the pool up and use it. 

The pressure of the water was all it needed to finally cause that factory tear to split. 

It does not matter who you are or what title in the church you carry. You could be the Preacher, or the preachers daughter. You could be the Sunday school teacher or the choir singer that buys a pool and sometimes the factory messes up and something goes wrong. Sometimes what you get is not perfect. Sometimes it is messed up. But, it doesn't have to stay messed up. Sometimes you need to move on with your life and either fix the hole or take it back and get a refund to get something else better. That's your options. That's life. Or you could stand there and pray for the hole to fix on it's own. If this works for you then great.......

I think the world is teaching the wrong God. They say God never makes mistakes. The church is setting people up for disaster because when life slaps you in the face with some real stuff, then you can't seem to give an answer to what is going on. 

God made Adam and Eve. God's children messed up. Do you honestly think God knew they were going to mess up? If he knew that then why did He create them? God made the angels and yet one of them messed up. His name was Lucifer. 

Why did God make the angels if He knew they were going to mess up?

Maybe the stories we have been told in Church are not always right. 

Maybe it's like Santa Clause. He was a real man and did a good deed but somehow, on down the road the story got a little twisted. He flies, brings you the toys you want. Just Believe and Have Faith.... History tells us that Santa was real but man turned him into something else that was a lie. 

You grow up believing and having faith and yet deep down inside your soul you feel like something is not right because your whole life is messed up and nothing seems to be working right. 

There is a reason. 

There is a reason for everything. 

God is real. 

He does work. 

However, it may not be like what you think. 

Maybe he doesn't know every single detail. If he did he wouldn't have created an angel to fall. He wouldn't have created Adam and Eve and then destroyed the world with a flood. He repented that he ever made man. 

He was SORRY he ever made man! 

Everyone was acting bad so he destroyed them.....

That's like me saying this: 
I knew my kid was going to bad but I decided to get pregnant and have the baby anyways and then I decided to destroy them later in their life because they were being bad. That sounds a little messed up to me. That doesn't sound right at all. You don't create something to destroy it on purpose. God didn't know they were going to mess up. 

But people will say but there is a book of Revelation that says how the story will end. So God must know everything.....

If I send my kids to college I know that he will graduate eventually. I don't know the in between details. He might drag it out or decide to graduate quicker. He might get in some trouble and might mess some stuff while he's there. I am not orchestrating every move of my child. My children do what they want. They effect things with their decisions. However, the end result is that I know he will graduate. Unless he drops out and then that would just change the whole game plan now wouldn't it?

This world is made up of men and woman...some that Love God and others that do not. Choices are being made on a daily basis that God is not in. 

Let's just talk about miracles for a second. If I someone gets cancer and goes to take chemo and they are healed. Then God did not heal you......The chemo did. 

If you can't get pregnant and you go get some procedure done to help you get pregnant then God did not do that. 

If I had sex with a man out of wedlock and got pregnant then God did not create that baby.  God had nothing to do with that. 

I am so tired of people standing up and giving their half butted testimony about what Miracle was done in their life and yet God had nothing to do with it. It's rather insulting actually. You see people rolling in the floor proclaiming that they speak in tongues and was filled with the Holy Spirit and yet they are liars. 

They walk out of the church and put a dip in their mouth (some folks sit right in the pews with a dip in their mouth) or pop open a beer when they get home. Or they have a filthy mouth and cuss. Really? Wow...I thought the Holy Spirit changed a person. And these same people are the ones at the alter praying for your family. Hey, do me a favor. Don't pray for me and my family. If you can't get control over some dip in your life then how in the world are you going to reach God for my family. Yeah right... 

The only thing people seem to be doing is spreading the demons around in church. Laying hands on folks and praying for others when you have no business doing it in the first place. 

The intention of the heart is all wrong. 

What happens when you play around with demons. They will jump off on you. You think I'm kidding. Read Acts 19:16. 

Church people think this is a game. Everyone laying hands on one another and shaking and crying nut no one ever changes. It's fake. If something is not changing in your life with how your relationship with God is then you might be playing around with a bunch of demons. Get your magnifying glass out and break out the microscope because these are the tools you will need to actually see what is really going on. 

These same people are to lazy to even help within the church to lift a finger to do anything. I tell you what that is...It's a liar. It's someone being a fake. A phony. A fraud. Sometimes I get enough of it... It's all a big show. It's all about who can scream and shout the loudest and shake the most. Really? What in the world is wrong with people. These same people are the ones that won't even help with a Vacation Bible School when it's needed. But, boy they sure can hit that alter and pray for hours. So what! If all you ever do is lay at the alter and not do anything, then what is your purpose. 

If your hungry, you make yourself something to eat. If you just lay there you will starve. 

Sometimes being a Christian requires a little more than just saying, "God Touch Them", "God Help Them", "God Move In Their Life". 

You didn't see Jesus and his followers gathering around the alter praying for the same people every single time, and praying the same thing over them... over and over again. You did not see a dumb repetition of the same thing.... over and over again. 

When Jesus walked up in the room something happened. 

He prayed for you and got your healing and he moved on. 

What is happening in these churches?

It's a circus.....

Just bring me some popcorn and give me my 3D glasses so I can sit back and watch it unfold. 

You want to know what a miracle is:

When you lay your hands on someone dead and they come back to life. 

When someone has cancer and God heals them totally with no intervention from doctors. 

When someone loses an arm and it grows back right in front of your eyes. 

When you're blind and you get your sight back.

When your legs don't work and you can't walk but suddenly you can walk again. 

When your deaf and can't hear and receive your hearing.

When you can't speak but then suddenly your tongue is loosed and you can talk. 

When your kitchen cabinets are empty and you have no food and then suddenly there is food that appears in there. Fish and Loaves or the oil that kept filling it self up for the widow woman. 

These are miracles and some are recorded in the Bible. If I am told that God does miracles today then this is what I expect from Him. 

If I have a headache and take a tylenol and pray. Then God didn't take away your headache. The tylenol did.

Everyone is not fake though. There are some that are the real deal. And that is where my sadness comes in. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit and you do everything right and yet prayer is not working for you. . When you do obey and you do have a very awesome relationship with God and there is no answer.....

You talk to him and ask and no answer.. Years pass and no answer. 

It is in this time that I found that my faith is being tested and tried. Why? I seriously have no idea. To say that I knew...would be lying.

Sometimes we just don't get it. 

Sometimes it just really don't make a lick of sense. 

Sometimes you just want to lay down and wake up in Heaven if you know what I mean. 

Your joy is gone. 

Your hope is gone. 

Your whole life is like it has vanished away. 

When you do the right thing and your punished for telling the truth. 

How long can someone be punished for doing what's right? When you do right and become punished then after some time goes by you start to think, well... If I am going to be punished for the doing the right thing, then maybe I need to do the wrong thing.

 If being good yields punishment then you really don't want to try to be good anymore.

If I make a good grade at school and get a sticker from my teacher and money from my parents then I will try to do good every single time. Being rewarded and someone showing that they care will cause you to try to do good every time.

 If I make a good grade at school like an A- and don't get a sticker and don't get money from my parents and actually get punished and grounded because I failed to do extra bonus points to get a higher grade then I would become really sad and frustrated and say forget it. If I am going to get grounded for making good grades, then I might as well be grounded for making bad grades. Get my drift. 

All I have left is ....Just Believe and Have Faith. 

Part of me wants to abandon it but the other part say's if I just keep holding on, then something really cool is going to happen. Maybe God will stick up for us. Maybe he didn't forget me and my family. Maybe it's really going to be okay. 

Only time will tell.......

All I can say is that if God is real then you won't like the alternative if give up on him. 

Hang in there and don't lose the hope. I am a real person that goes through things just the same as anyone else out there. I love God. I talk to him all the time and yet there is a situation in my life that has become a thorn in my flesh that won't go away. I could pretend that all is well ...but's it not. I don't think life is for anyone. I do believe we can only go up from here.....Because I can't go any lower in my faith than where I am right now. I have hit rock bottom and see no way out. The only way out is God. He is the only one and I mean the ONLY one that is going to help us. There is no other option. 

In the end all God needs to know is if I accepted him into my life. Was I saved? Did I love him? Did I have a relationship with him? Nothing else really matters beyond that point. It's just extra brownie points. Salvation is all that really matters. Loving him unconditionally no matter what at the end of the day is what it's all about because when you're saved you wont to do anything bad to hurt Him. You will try to live right and make sure that you pleasing in His sight. 

So the question is.... Are You Feeding On Garbage? 
Examine what your living off of and make sure it's not garbage. You might need to get your head of the trash can because God might actually have something better at the table if you would just go look. 

He's a good God. No matter what.... He is still a good God. Good day or bad day. I love Him. 

This whole post may have seemed scattered and all over the place. But that is how I feel. I'm not perfect. I never claimed to be. 

I am just another soul out there seeking the truth and wondering will it be my turn soon to reap the rewards of something Great from God. ....

That's all.....

It's bound to be something good...

It just has to be...

In the mean time, I will keep my head out of the trash can and see what God has at the table for me. :)


Jun 15, 2015

Miracles Of Jesus

Miracles Of Jesus

The Parables

The Wise Man That built his house upon the rock
The foolish man that built his upon the sand


The Parable Of The Wicked Husbandman....Matt 21:33-46 Luke 20:9-18


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