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Jul 13, 2011

Other Names For Jesus

Other Names For Jesus Printout

Alpha and Omega /Rev 21:6
Bread of Life/John 6:35
Bridegroom/ Matt 9:15
Chief Cornerstone/Eph 2:20
Chief Shepherd/1 Pet 5:4
Christ/Matt 16:16
Firstborn from the Dead/Col 1:18
Good Shepherd/John 10:11
High Priest/Heb 3:1
Holy One Of God/Mark 1:24
Immanuel/Matt 1:23
Jesus/Matt 1:21
King of Kings Lord of Lords/Rev 19:16
Lamb of God /John 1:29
Light of the World/John 9:5
Lion From The Tribe Of Judah/Rev 5:5
Lord/Rom 10:9
Lord of Glory/1 Cor 2:8
Mediator/1 Tim 2:5
Messiah/Matt 16:16
Prophet/Luke 13:33
Rabbi-Teacher/John 3:2
Savior/John 4:42
Son Of David/Matt 9:27
Son Of God/John 20:31
Son Of Man/Matt 20:28
The Most Important Stone/ Eph 2:20
The One Who Raises Dead To Life/ John 11:25
The Word Of God/ Rev 19:13
Word/John 1:1
I am the Bread of Life/John 6:35
I am the Light of  the World/John 8:12
I am the Gate for the Sheep/John 10:7
I am the Good Shepherd/John 10:11,14
I am the Resurrection and the Life/John 11:25
I am the Way, The Truth and the Life/John 14:6
I am the True Vine/John 15:1,5
I am a King/ John 18:37

Other Names For God

Name                        Scripture                      Meaning
Adonai                        Ps 2:4                       Lord, Master
El-Berith                    Judg 9:46                 God of the Covenant
El Elyon                     Gen 14:18-20             Most high God/Exalted One
El Olam                      Gen 21:33                 The Eternal God
El Shaddai                 Gen 17:1-2                All Powerful God
Qedosh Yisra'el         Isa 1:4                      The Holy One of Israel
Shapat                       Gen 18:25                  Judge/Ruler
Yahweh-jereh             Gen 22:14                 Yahweh Provides
Yahweh-seba'ot         1 Sam 1:3                  Yahweh of Armies
Yahweh-shalom          Judg 6:24                 Yahweh is Peace
Yahweh-tsidkenu       Jer 23:6                    Yahweh Our Righteousness

Aramic Names
Attiq yomin                    Dan 7:9                  Ancient of Days
Illaya                            Dan 7:25                      Most High

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