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Oct 20, 2011

Children's Church Snacks

Children's Church Snacks
Children's Church Snacks
Here is some fun children's church snack ideas for your kids down below. Be sure to check out ALL of our snack ideas on our main website.

Queen Esther Scepter and Jewels Snack

King Ahasuerus Scepter Corn Dog Snack

Sheep Snack

8th Plague of Egypt Locust Snack

Working For God Ant Snack

Jesus Lives Cupcake

Fish and Loaves Snack

Jacob's Ladder Cookie Bar

God's Pumpkin Patch Snack

Which Hat Do You Wear (In church) Snack

Woman At The Well Snack

Harvesting For God Scarecrow Hair Soup

Under His Wings Potato Chip Snack

Jesus Cupcakes

Pharaoh Cupcake

Jesus at Tomb Rice Krispy Cake

Parable of The Sower Cupcake

Candy Corn Psalms 104:34 Snack

Jesus is the Way Smurf Cake

Jesus Rose From Tomb Snack

More Sunday school stuff and Kids Snacks for Church at  Church House Collection.

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