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Sep 19, 2012

Questioning God's Promises

Have you ever found yourself questioning God's promises for you? Well, Abraham did too. God and Abraham were big buddies. They talked to each other and God let him know of things to come way ahead of time. God loved Abraham and Abraham loved God. They were friends. Abraham and Sarah found themselves old and still without a child of their own. Sarah got in a big hurry and didn't want to wait. God wanted Sarah and Abraham to have a child together but Sarah was impatient. They both decided to go with another plan that was not God's. 

God told Abraham that he would have a son. Abraham was having a very hard time wrapping his little mind around this plan that God has for him. 

How many times in our own lives has God showed us his plan for our own lives or our families and yet we couldn't grasp a hold of it. It almost seemed impossible. God still talks to people today. He is still the same God. He has not changed. God CAN speak to those who will listen. He can speak to you many different ways. He CAN speak through an audible voice, through his written word, even through dreams. God is God and can do whatever he wants. He does not have to work on your terms of how you think he should talk to somebody. He is the boss. He does not talk to everyone the same way.

Sometimes we just have to be patient for God's plan. 

UGH...I know...Who wants to wait. Waiting stinks. Waiting does not feel good. Waiting can just about wear you down, but waiting will bring the right plan into action. 

We humans don't like to hear the words-"WAIT". We struggle as human beings thinking that if God is God then why don't he move NOW! He is a miracle working God and can do anything right? He can.... HOWEVER...many times in scripture he has a plan that required long waiting. Look at Joseph. This is my favorite story out of the whole Bible. Jacob's son was removed from him. Jacob didn't do anything wrong to deserve his son being removed from him. He was a man of God. He loved God. He served God. ....One day Jacob was going about his regular routine and received news that his son was GONE...It was reported to him that his son was dead....WHAT!?! HOW!?! How could this be!?! God didn't tell Jacob that was going to happen to his son Joseph. You would think that because Jacob wrestled with an ANGEL..that would have made him real spiritual and God would have told him ahead of time. God didn't tell him ahead of time because he knew Jacob would wrestle with God to stop it. God needed Joseph to go where he wanted in order to carry forth a plan. 

God knew what was in Jacob. Jacob was a fighter. Jacob didn't give up. Jacob would wrestle heaven and earth in order to bring something to pass. God knew this. God didn't want Jacob to know. Everything turned out to be great in the end. Jacob found out that his son was not dead and was very much alive. God didn't let Jacob down. God had a super plan that was awesome....

Maybe you feel like Jacob. Maybe you don't understand what in the world is going on, but deep down inside, you know that God has a great plan for you and your family. God is a good God, and will not let you down. Trust him.  Hold on to him, and trust him that his plan for your family is great. 

The Lord is very mighty. I can't say that enough. His plan will not fail...Thank You Jesus For A Plan That Will Not Fail. Just like Abraham laughed about what God told him. Let's just hold tight to God's promises for our lives.  Get ready cause it's a good one! You can't even begin to GRASP what God has planned for your family. You would laugh if you 

You better give him some praise...Because what he is about to do will amaze you!


  1. Genesis 50:20

    King James Version (KJV)

    20 But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.

  2. For me we do not have any rights to question Gods promises he made us and we must obey all his rules and ALL he want us to do! :)

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