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Jan 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Nail Polish Collection Set And More Fun Nail Polishes from Glitter Lambs!

Glitter Lambs Nail Polish

We make custom handmade glitter toppers and nail polish that are very unique and that also has christian themes to it. We have done everything from Jesus Loves Me, Joseph's Coat of Many Colors, Jesus Is My Hero, Streets of Gold and the list goes on. We strive to make our polishes stand out from the rest...

Shop our Glitter Lambs Etsy Shop and buy something! Never used Etsy before? Just use an email address and a password to sign up and sign in. It's that easy.  We also carry solvent resistant glitter in holographic gold hearts and stars. 

Shop Glitter Lambs Polish Etsy Shop

or check out some extra pictures of the Valentine's Day Nail Polish Collection set on Glitter Lambs Cosmetics site.

or see more Glitter Lambs Nail polishes

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