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Dec 30, 2015

Christian Throw Pillows- Bible Scripture Gifts And Home Decor

Scripture Throw Pillows- Answered Prayer Throw Pillow- Amazing Grace- God Bless Our Home, God's Little Princess, God's Little Prince
Christian Throw Pillows-Bible Scripture Gifts- Home Decorations For The Bedroom or Couch
Christian Throw Pillows

God's Little Princess Throw Pillow- Buy Now

God's Little Prince Throw Pillow- Buy Now

Amazing Grace Throw Pillow- Buy Now

God Bless Our Home Throw Pillow- Buy Now

Saved By Grace Throw Pillow- Buy Now

Faith Moves Mountains Throw Pillow- Buy Now

Dec 6, 2015

Christmas Penguin Pop Up Card- "Sing Praises To God" Psalms 47:6 Sunday School Crafts And Coloring Page

Christmas Sunday School Crafts For Kids

Christmas Penguin Pop Up Card
"Sing Praises To God"
Psalms 47:6

To make this card you will need:
Large sheet of colored card stock
Penguin Cutout
Tape or Glue

Just print out the penguin sheet below. If you want the kids to color the penguin then print the black and white version. If you want to skip the coloring then pick the colored penguin version instead. Take your colored cardstock paper and fold it in half and stand it up like a tent. Then just cut the penguins and the words out and tape or glue it to the folded card stock paper. 

This is a very easy Sunday school craft for small kids. This would perfect for children's church too!

Christmas Penguin Pop Up Card "Sing Praises To God" Psalms 47:6

Christmas Sunday School Crafts