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Oct 28, 2010

Turkey Goody Bag Craft

Try Making a Turkey Goody Bag for Thanksgiving. Your Sunday school class will really like this... You can write on the front of the bag "1 Thessalonians 5:18- In all things give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."  For details on the making this craft go to this page and it will show you step by step. (Turkey Goody Bag Craft)

Oct 18, 2010

Lazarus Dogs

I was trying to get a lesson together for Children's Church on Lazarus and stumbled upon some pictures of mummy pig in the blankets. I thought this would be perfect to make this a lazarus mummy dog! I thought this is going to be fun now!

As I proceeded to make these little things, the wrapping of the dough was a little more tricker than I had planned. It looked simple, but since I cut the hot dogs in half it turned into a little more work than i had thought. The kids at church loved them. I love to see the smile on their faces when they actually get something out of the lesson. I pray so much that the Lord would help me to find creative ideas to reach these kids. I think the Lazarus dogs stuck in their brain. (and teeth)   :)

(Lazarus - John Ch.11 1-48)
Church House Collection Website-Lazarus Dogs

Oct 15, 2010

Teddy Bear Clipart

Teddy Bear Clipart at Church House Collection. Come check out these cute little teddy bears. 

 Okay this idea came from I don't know where! I needed more bear clipart, and thought hey why not make a bear putting on a Jesus shirt that don't fit him. He is looking in the mirror at himself and getting aggravated. We are not all made the same. One size fits all sometimes don't work for everyone. Kind of like with christians. We are all different. We all have a unique thing that God has called us to do. Try doing what you love the most. The things you do the best just might be your talent that God has given you to do. Put it to use. I use to wonder for a long time what I could do for the Lord. I wanted so badly to work for him saving souls or just doing something. I finally found it. I love drawing, I love Jesus, and I love helping. I thought why not make a website that could help others, and I get to draw and have fun!

Jesus wants everyone to do something for him. If you don't really know what to do. Or you feel lost as to what you should be doing in life, just pray and ask him. He will always let you know something....The bible says ask and you shall receive. Have fun serving the Lord. It should not be boring. So what are you waiting for? Get to praying, and seeking him for what you should be doing that is fun for him!

Oct 12, 2010

Christian Clipart, Casting Pearls Before Swine Clipart, Pig Clipart

Christian Clipart at Church House Collection.

Alright we have a cute little piggy wearing pearls here. Actually there is a point behind the picture. In the bible it talks about not throwing your cute little pearls before piggies. Sometimes in life we mess up and talk to much. Sometimes we get really excited about serving the Lord and tell things about our experiences to unbelievers and give them too many details. Perhaps private precious things that maybe the Lord has given you. Not everyone is going to understand where you are coming from. Some may think you are silly or strange. The Lord knew that some would cast their pearls before swine. It happens. Don't be discouraged when others have put ya down. Just keep your head up and look up to Jesus and he will help ya. He understood that these things would happen. That is why he made a point to have it in the bible. Just keep those precious pearls safe in your jewelry box. Piggies don't like pearls...they like to stomp them and then come after you.  Matthew 7:6- "Don't give that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet and turn again and rent (tear) you."

Christmas Nativity Clipart

Church House Collection has Christmas Nativity Clipart.
Okay I have tried to get a little creative with coming up with original clipart for the Christmas Nativity scene. I began to think about what might be catching. I drew Joseph building a snowman and the little sheep helping him out by handing him a carrot and scarf. Mary is in the back hollering for him to come in. You can see baby Jesus laying in his manger. I would like to think that Jesus parents like to have fun at times too.

Oct 8, 2010

Fall Crafts, Fall Clipart, Fall Coloring pages

Church House Crafts has Fall Crafts, Fall Clipart, Fall Coloring Pages,
and Fall Printable Prayer Requests. All New!

Kids are very honest at times. I drew a fall scarecrow coloring page....And the kids at church thought it looked like a messed up frog.They got a real big kick out of poking fun at it.

Okay maybe its a little kermit looking. But hey, he's a cute kermit scarecrow.  I got a little creative by using the words like "FALL-ing for Jesus" "Jesus never LEAVES you nor forsakes you." "FALL on your knees and pray."  I was trying to throw some fall stuff in with Jesus. Turned out pretty good if I say so myself even if he looks like a little froggy boy... hee hee :)

Oct 5, 2010

Christian Clipart, Bible Clipart, Clipart

Church House Collection has some Christian Clipart to choose from. Its actually scattered throughout the entire website. Look around and find what you want. Its free for personal use only. Do not sell the clipart.

Sunday school teachers, you will find that these clipart will come in handy when creating pages for your class. We all know that we need new and interesting stuff. Below is a picture of tree with the words from 2 timothy 2:15-Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.  We need to study our bibles. We need to know our stuff so we can discern what is right and what is not. Read that BIBLE! Its good stuff...

Oct 4, 2010

Wild Cards- Sunday School Lessons

We have just added WILD CARDS-Sunday school lessons today! These are sure to be a hit for your kids in sunday school class or childrens church. I personally use all my stuff that I create, and these are life savers. (Jesus is the real life saver though) Multiple activities all on one page. It saves on ink and paper. Come Check us out at

This is Mr. Green Arrow Thing A Ma Bob....nah I really don't know haha. I just drew something funny looking and got a green shapey dude... He was an instant hit with me. I thought he is WILD looking. So he took on the title of WILD CARDS. You are sure to love these. I love them myself. I really have not found a whole lot out there on the internet to use that saves on paper like these little WILD dudes do. Praise the Lord! He really dowloaded that cute little idea into my small brain. This has really been a hit like none other. The kids really get into it. The small kids love to color on the pages and the older kids get caught up in a race on who can get the most words on the "Word in a Word Game"... Plus I get to read the lesson to them because its on there as well. Its a big ball of fun all wrapped up in one..!!

Oct 2, 2010

Bird Printable Writing Paper, Printable Writing Paper, Bird Clipart, Bird Clip Art

Church House Collection has Bird Printable Writing Paper. We have other bird clipart and writing paper to choose from. We have a large selection of Printable Writing paper to choose from. Come check us out at

jesus printable writing paper, printable writing paper, jesus clipart, free printable writing paper, jesus paper, jesus print out paper

Church house collection has Jesus printable writing paper. We have a large assortment of paper to print out. We are 100% free. Everything is free....Jesus clipart on the printable writing paper. We are original one of a kind printable writing paper. I have drawn all these pictures available myself. Use them for sunday school or children's church.

lazarus crafts, lazarus clipart, lazarus toilet paper craft, sunday school crafts, sunday school lessons, church crafts for kids, bible crafts, lazarus crafts for kids

Church House Crafts has Lazarus Crafts here. Using something very simple-TOILET PAPER...


sunday school crafts, sunday school lessons, christian clipart, jesus clipart, crafts for church, church crafts, kids crafts, bible crafts, bible lessons, bible clipart, fish clipart, john 21:10 clipart

Church House Crafts has a craft for John 21:10. We use oatmeal to glue to his body. Your kids in Sunday school or childrens church will love this one.  Come check us out and bookmark

John 21:10 Clipart, John 21:10 Crafts, John 21:10 sunday school crafts, oatmeal crafts, jesus crafts, sunday school crafts, church crafts for kids, crafts for kids at church

Church House Crafts has Sunday school crafts for the miracles of Jesus. A great haul of fishes.
John 21:10 craft....

To go straight to craft click here: John 21:10 Wall Plate Craft

The birth of jesus card craft, the birth of jesus clipart, the birth of jesus, sunday school crafts, sunday school lessons, christian clipart, christmas crafts, christmas clipart, Printable templates, card crafts, free printable templates, jesus templates, jesus printable templates, christmas card templates, christmas printable templates

Church House Collection has The Birth of Jesus Christmas Peppermint Card Craft. We have christmas printable templates, printable writing paper, free christmas card crafts....BOOKMARK US!!!

the birth of jesus, the birth of jesus clipart, the birth of jesus crafts, the birth of baby jesus, sunday school lessons, sunday school crafts, the nativity scene, nativity clipart, mary joseph and baby jesus clipart, christmas crafts, christmas clipart, christmas jesus clipart, christmas birth of jesus crafts

Church House Collection has The Birth of Baby Jesus Christmas Wall Plate Craft for Sunday School Crafts.....

The parable of the mustard seed, mustard seed crafts, mustard seed sunday school lessons, sunday school lessons, the parable of the mustard seed, the parable of the mustard seed clipart, mustard seed clipart, mustard seed maze, mustard seed coloring page

Church House Collection has a whole sunday school lesson on the parable of the mustard seed. We have crafts, recipes, activity pages, coloring pages, lessons, and much more...

The Birth of Jesus, Sunday School Lessons, Jesus Clipart, Nativity Clipart, baby jesus clipart, baby jesus in the manger clipart,

Needing a Sunday School Lesson for The Birth of Baby Jesus? Church House Collection has a Lesson print out, activity page, coloring page, maze, craft, recipe, wild card, and printable writing paper...Everything at Church House Collection is 100% FREE!!!
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