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Oct 4, 2010

Wild Cards- Sunday School Lessons

We have just added WILD CARDS-Sunday school lessons today! These are sure to be a hit for your kids in sunday school class or childrens church. I personally use all my stuff that I create, and these are life savers. (Jesus is the real life saver though) Multiple activities all on one page. It saves on ink and paper. Come Check us out at

This is Mr. Green Arrow Thing A Ma Bob....nah I really don't know haha. I just drew something funny looking and got a green shapey dude... He was an instant hit with me. I thought he is WILD looking. So he took on the title of WILD CARDS. You are sure to love these. I love them myself. I really have not found a whole lot out there on the internet to use that saves on paper like these little WILD dudes do. Praise the Lord! He really dowloaded that cute little idea into my small brain. This has really been a hit like none other. The kids really get into it. The small kids love to color on the pages and the older kids get caught up in a race on who can get the most words on the "Word in a Word Game"... Plus I get to read the lesson to them because its on there as well. Its a big ball of fun all wrapped up in one..!!