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Dec 1, 2010

Christmas Play Ideas

Trying to put a Christmas Play together can be very hard to do at times. You deal with issues of not having enough kids, or too many. Then you ask yourself should I do speaking parts for each child, or should I not. Well I can say that from in the years past I have tried my best to come up with things, and it can get nerve racking at times. But with God all things are possible. :) I have put together this Christmas Play Idea webpage for you to look it over. You can add stuff to it or take away. I am using these Christmas Skits this year with my kids. Want to see? (Click here) This link will take you into my Christmas Sunday School Lesson Page that had lots of stuff on it. Just scroll down and you will see the Christmas Play ideas for you to click on in there.
We have printable scripts for you to print out....