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Dec 31, 2010

Garden of Eden Serpent Craft

Garden of Eden Serpent
*Serpent Template (colored) (black & white)

*Hole Punch
Print out serpent template. Cut it out. Use hole punch and put hole in the tail. String some yarn through the hole and tie a knot. Now you can hang your snake up. Teach the kids in your Sunday school class about how the serpent tempted Eve. 
 Print out serpent template. Cut it out. Use hole punch and put hole in the tail. String some yarn through the hole and tie a knot. Now you can hang your snake up. Teach the kids in your Sunday school class about how the serpent tempted Eve.

Jonah and The Whale Coloring Pages

Jonah and the Whale Coloring Pages. Print them off for your Sunday School Class or Children's Church.

Want to see more click here: (Jonah and the whale coloring pages)

Samson and Delilah Coloring Pages

 Samson and Delilah Coloring Pages for your Sunday School Class or Children's Church. Want to see more?

Click here: Samson and Delilah Coloring Pages

You can have the kids color these, and cut it out and glue it to construction paper. You can have them add glitter to her hair or her outfit.

Another possiable idea- (a lot of work and printing of paper) is to cut the picture with the scripture out and glue to the front of folders for the kids. You then would add a Coloring Page, Lesson, Maze, Word in a word, Wild Card, Writing Paper, & Activity Page inside the folder for each child to do. This would be a lesson folder on Samson and Delilah. We have all these pages that you can add right here: Samson and Delilah Print Out Sheets

Abraham Coloring Pages

Abraham Coloring Pages for your Sunday School Class or Children's Church. Want to print some off?

Click here: (Abraham Coloring Pages).

Abraham Paper Bag Puppet

Abraham Paper Bag Puppet
Use the above picture to see how to cut carefully around the outer rim from the paper plate. The arms will be formed from the center section.   The outer rim will be the hair and beard. 
     After cutting the outer rim from the plate, cut off a section that is about one- fourth of the circle. (See picture.)  The one- fourth section will be the beard.  The remaining three- fourths of the outer rim will be the hair.  Color the hair grey.  Leave the beard white.  On both the beard and the hair, cut slashes down the ridges about one inch deep.  Roll the cut strips on a pencil to curl them.  Roll some forward and others backward.
     Use the template to cut the arms from the center of the plate. Round one edge on both arms.  Leave the other edge straight for the sleeve. Color the arms with crayons or watercolor pencils.  Slip the arm in the side folds below the top flap. (See picture)  Hole punch through the side fold and arm.  Insert a brass two-prong fastener.  This will allow the arm to move.
      Glue the beard to the bottom of the flap of the bag.  Glue the hair to the top of the flap.  Color the bottom portion of the bag to form the robe.
      Print the template for the feet, hands and face.  Color each and cut out.  Glue the hands to the sleeves with the tab in the back.  (Thumbs go up)  Glue the feet to the bottom of the bag. (Big toes go to inside.)   Glue the eyes and nose above the beard. Alternatively, use large stick on google eyes. 
     To pose the arms differently, switch the arms so they turn outward or turn inward. 

  • Brown paper lunch bag
  • White uncoated paper plate
  • Brass two-prong fasteners
  • Crayons or watercolor pencils
  • Glue
  • Copy paper
  • Goggle eyes

Dec 29, 2010

Adam and Eve Coloring Pages

Adam and Eve Coloring Pages with scriptures on them. This particular coloring page has God speaking to the snake. God is telling the serpent that he will be cursed and have to crawl on his belly and eat dust all the days of his life. We have more Adam and Eve Coloring Pages for you to print out.

Gen 3:14  And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.

Dec 24, 2010

Milk Jug Lamp

"Milk Jug Lamp" for Parable of Jesus.
The Parable of The Lamp
Using an empty milk jug with some brown paint will turn this into a lamp in no time. Jesus taught a parable about the lamp. He said if your eyes were dark and evil then your whole body is dark and evil. But, if your eyes are full of light then your whole body is full of light. 

Jesus is saying that if our eyes look at bad things then our bodies will be full of darkness. We have to be very careful, that we put only light in us and not darkness. Sin is what causes the darkness. Let Jesus be in your life so you can shine a light to others. Have the kids name some sins that cause darkness inside of us. 

You can have your fellow church members to save their empty milk jugs and bring them to you for your class to use. This will help you out on getting milk jugs.

Luke 11:34  The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness.

Paper Plate Rainbow

"Paper Plate Rainbow" for Noah's Ark.
Use a paper plate, some crayons and colored yarn to make this project complete. Have the kids make this rainbow to go along with a lesson on God's promise. Teach the kids how God put the rainbow in the sky to show his promise.

Gen 9:13- I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.

Dec 23, 2010

Sheep Cup For Noah's Ark

Make a Sheep Cup craft for Noah's Ark. Using some simple items like plastic cups and cotton balls. Have the kids in church make this craft, and teach them about Noah's Ark.

 Gen 7:9  There went in two and two unto Noah into the ark, the male and the female, as God had commanded Noah.

Paper Plate Lion

Try making a "Paper Plate Lion Craft" for a Daniel in the lion's den lesson. All you need is a paper plate and some crafty coloring. Let your kids in Sunday school class have some fun with this one. You can get creative by letting them add some google eyes, or a red felt for a tongue. You can even cut some small pieces of yellow yarn, and have the kids glue that on to the cut strips of paper plate for his mane.

Dan 6:27  He delivereth and rescueth, and he worketh signs and wonders in heaven and in earth, who hath delivered Daniel from the power of the lions.

Happy Birthday Jesus Party

It's baby Jesus's birthday party! Sheep made him a little birthday cake, and is singing Happy Birthday to baby Jesus. Christmas is a time to celebrate his birth.

So when you are opening your presents on Christmas Day just remember to tell Jesus thank you for everything has done for you.

You can try doing a Happy Birthday Jesus Party with the kids at church. You can let the kids bake cupcakes and decorate their own little cupcake. Or you can bake a cake and write Happy Birthday Jesus on the cake and take to church so the kids can just eat it for a snack. Do a lesson on his birth and teach them what the purpose of Christmas is. Hand out a Happy Birthday Coloring page for them to color.

More clipart? (click here)

Luke 24:43  And he took it, and did eat before them.

Dec 22, 2010

Searching For Those That Are Hiding.....

Baby Jesus is hiding behind a tree counting to 10. He is playing hide n seek with his little sheep. As I was drawing this picture I thought about how Jesus was coming back soon. He is coming back for those sheep that know him. Those that have been washed in his blood and have asked for him to come live in their heart. He loves his sheep. He wants to find those that are hiding. He loves all his sheep and wants them to come to him.  (more clipart here)

 John 10:16  And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

Dec 16, 2010

The Line To See Jesus

This is the line to see Jesus. Step right up, and get in line. Baby Jesus is handing out presents. This is the true meaning of Christmas....Jesus Christ...Don't replace the little guy with anything else. Want to see more of my cute little drawings? (click here)

1 Corinthians 12:31  But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.

Building A Snowman!

 First you roll your snow into a ball. And then you pack it down with more snow....well of course you know how to make a snowman. I don't have to explain it, I'm sure. Haha.
What do we have here? We have my favorite little sheep sitting on baby Jesus's head. He is directing baby Jesus closer to the snowman to add the final carrot touch! They did a fine job on that snowman, don't you think?

More clipart at (click here)

Candy Cane Sharing

 Baby Jesus and his little sheep are sitting in the manger trying to break the candy cane in half, so they can share it.  I was sitting here wondering what would be cute to see baby Jesus doing...I thought well, it's Christmas time...and candy canes would be good....Then I thought hey, why not put baby Jesus in the manger trying to break the candy cane in half with his sheep to share.

I'm sure baby Jesus knew how to share when he was a child. The scriptures don't give much detail to his little life when he was small, but I can just imagine what he was like. They didn't have candy canes then, but I'm sure he got into the honey and butter a few times... :) More clipart (click here)

Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to
refuse the evil and choose the good. Isaiah 7:15

Dec 12, 2010

Kids Gift Coupons

"Ephesians 6:2-Honor thy father and mother..."
Kids Gift Coupons are a great way for your Sunday school class to show their parents that they love them and care about them. Teach the kids to obey their parents along with this scripture. God loves to see his children doing nice things for their parents. Need the Print out template? (Click here)

Christmas Caroler Finger Puppet

"Psalm 100:2- Serve the Lord with gladness:
come before his presence with singing."

Do you have coin wrapper and some tape? That is all you need to make this finger puppet. Just print the template out of course. Need the template? (Click here)

Dec 11, 2010

Baby Jesus In The Manger Clipart

We have very cute and original clipart at Church House Christmas. I have picked certain pictures to draw that I thought in my mind were very cute. I will be adding more as time goes by. I just love the little baby Jesus with his little sheep. I think they are so cute together.

I sometimes wonder what baby Jesus did as a little baby. I wonder if he ever played with little animals, or played pretend....

 I wonder if he helped his mommy bake tasty food, or if he helped his daddy out in the yard. How awesome to think that we had a savior that was so normal like us yet at the same time he was the Lord in flesh. How precious.  Need Clipart? (Click here)

Dec 9, 2010

Gingerbread Stuff

"Matt 6:11  Give us this day our daily bread." 
Gingerbread is usually a sign of Christmas time. Or at least it is in my mind. :) If your a Gingerbread Lover then come on over and check my page out. We also have a scripture you can use to go along with the gingerbread boys. Gingerbread Coloring Pages, Printable Ornaments, Gift Tags, Template, Recipe Print Out, Print out sheets and more... To go there (Click here)

Dec 7, 2010

Plant Stake Stars

Let your kids in Sunday school class glue some sticks together to get these cute little plant stake stars. Incorporate this into a lesson using plants out of the bible. You can even have the kids make these for their parents for Christmas. Parents get a kick out of the projects they do in class. Go to the page here (click here)

Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Are you bored? Do you like to play games? Well come on over to Church House Collection and see how fast you can put one of these Jigsaw puzzles together. We have lots of Nativity scenes ones also. Let your kids try these out. They will really like these. (Click here)

Christmas Biscuit Pizza Party

 If you have a can of biscuits & cheese in the refrigerator, pizza sauce in the cabinet, and some hamburger and pepperoni slices, then you can make these tasty little bite sized pizzas. They are so good. These would make a great snack for Sunday school or Childrens Church. The kids can even make them during class time if you want. Check out my page for more (click here)

Snowflake Christmas Trees

Okay have you ever tried one of these before? Just check this cute little snowflake christmas tree out. Talk about fun, now!  Your kids will love it! Go to my page to get the directions on how to make these. (Click here)

Dec 4, 2010

Adam and Eve Apple Cupcakes

Make this Apple Cupcake recipe to go along with the Adam and Eve Punished Sunday School Lesson. Got this great picture from Kara's Cupcakes Blog. She is blowing me away on how cute her cupcakes are. Awesome let me tell ya! To go to the page (Click here)

Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Candy Apple

Need a recipe to go along with an Adam and Eve Sunday School Lesson? Use this recipe to go with the Adam and Eve Punished Lesson. Recipe directions here (Click Here)

Adam and Eve Paper Lunch Bag

Aww!! Can you say cute! I made these templates up for you to print and cut out. Then you just tape them to a brown lunch bag. Simple enough. Use this craft to go along with the Adam and Eve Punished Lesson. Need the template to print out? Go to my page (click here)

Adam And Eve Punished Lesson

Needing a lesson for Adam and Eve? Well we got one for you. It has some stuff to go along with it. We got a lesson print out, activity page, coloring page, recipes, maze, word, and a craft. To go to the page (click here)

Dec 3, 2010

Recycled Dryer Sheet Ornaments

Did you ever wonder what you could do with those old dryer sheets? Try making some Christmas ornaments out of them. You can teach your kids at church about recycling to help keep God's creation clean and they can learn that God made the snow (for the snowflake ornament) and he made the doves (for the dove ornament). Need the instructions? (Click here)

Christmas Card Puzzle

Take a Christmas card with a christmas nativity scene and print this template out and to make this neat Christmas Card Puzzle. Need instructions (click here)

Dec 2, 2010

Christmas Play Templates

I have drew a few Christmas Play Templates out for you to print off, and use for your Christmas Play. Just print one of this papers out and upload it into a Microsoft program or Paint Program to add your information. Or you if you don't want to do that just use a black permanent marker to write the date, time and place on it. Then you can hang the paper up on a bulliten board to advertise that you are having a Christmas Play. A few to choose from.  Need one?
(Click here)

Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Gift Tags? O Yeah, we have those too. We have an assorted supply of those cute little Christmas Tags for you to print out. Make up some treat bags or little gifts for your kids at church and then just tape our little christmas gift tags on them. (Click Here)

Christmas Printable Writing Paper

O BOY! Look at this cute Christmas Printable Writing Paper. Just print these off and let your kids write anything they want on them. Use them to write prayer requests, letters, scriptures or anything you can think of. Need one? (Click here)

Christmas Play Music

Need some printable Christmas Music? (Click here)
We have:

  • O Little Town Of Bethlehem, 
  • Little Drummer Boy, 
  • We Three Kings, 
  • Away In The Manger, 
  • Silent Night, 
  • The First Noel.....

Dec 1, 2010

Christmas Play Ideas

Trying to put a Christmas Play together can be very hard to do at times. You deal with issues of not having enough kids, or too many. Then you ask yourself should I do speaking parts for each child, or should I not. Well I can say that from in the years past I have tried my best to come up with things, and it can get nerve racking at times. But with God all things are possible. :) I have put together this Christmas Play Idea webpage for you to look it over. You can add stuff to it or take away. I am using these Christmas Skits this year with my kids. Want to see? (Click here) This link will take you into my Christmas Sunday School Lesson Page that had lots of stuff on it. Just scroll down and you will see the Christmas Play ideas for you to click on in there.
We have printable scripts for you to print out....