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Jan 31, 2011

Paper Plate Flower Hats

Paper Plate Flower Hats

The kids made these hats to go along with the skit they did for Church. These were so simple to make and the kids really liked the flower hats when they got done making them. This makes really cute costumes for the kids and they are cheap too!

To see instructions

Paper Plate Cookie Necklace

Paper Plate Cookie Necklaces! We made these cute little chocolate chip cookies to go along with a skit that the kids did at church.

Temperance (Self-Control) Skit

Looking for a skit to do with your kids at church? Try this Temperance (self-control) skit and make the little cookie necklaces to go along with it.

Fruit of the Spirit Skit

Fruit of the Spirit Skit

Using some homemade paper plate flower hats and some raccoon hats you will have a great skit for the kids to do in front of the church.

Click here for the Long-Suffering (patience) skit.

Valentine Thumbprint Card Craft

Valentine Thumbprint Card Craft

Just using some red paint and your thumbs you will have a cute Valentine thumbprint card in no time.

Too see instructions (click here)

Jan 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Bookmarks

Happy Valentine's Day Jesus Bookmarks

Pick out a bookmark you like and print them out. Go here to print one out. (click here) Hand them out to your class for V-day. Print them on card stock or regular printing paper.

Jan 22, 2011

Froggie Game

Froggie Game
(this child has the hat on backwards)

Game time! Let's play! Pick one child to wear the frog hat (you can make one or buy one) Ask the child how many plagues they can name. When they name as many as they can they pass the hat off to the next kid. Of course all the kids are going to hear if someone says them all but that is the point. This is just for fun. It becomes more of a memory game at this point. This is just a quick game to play to go along with the 10 Plagues of Egypt Lesson you are teaching on. We plan on playing this game tomorrow at church. We actually got this frog hat from Oriental Trading and it came with a vest.

Froggie Cupcakes

Froggie Cupcakes 
The 10 Plagues of Egypt-Frog Plague
I just got done baking all these little cupcakes. They are ready to go for when we head to church in the morning. We have been doing a study on the 10 Plagues of Egypt.We are covering each plague seperately. This lesson plan I have come up with will cover our class for 10 Sundays.

I want the kids to be able to remember each plague that the Lord sent. These lessons and snacks should be pretty memorable for the children. We are having green Hawaiian punch to drink with this.

I did a fly plague lesson with some fly cupcakes awhile back with the kids, and decided recently that it would be fun to do all 10 plagues separately. So that is what I am doing. I am looking forward to all these lessons with them. (and the cupcakes) ☺

Jan 21, 2011

Valentine's Day Popout Heart Card

  Valentine's Day 
Popout Heart Card
Print the template out and cut around the heart except for by the black lines. This leaves the heart intact. Pinch the heart in the middle. Fold your card closed then open it. It should be a pop out card now. It say's (Lamentations 3:41)  Let us lift up our heart with our hands unto God in the heavens.

Jan 20, 2011

John Then Baptist- Grasshopper In A Jar

John The Baptist-Grasshopper In A Jar
(Matthew 3:4)  And the same John had his raiment of camel's hair, and a leathern girdle about his loins; and his meat was locusts and wild honey.

  • Empty Baby Food Jars
  • Fake or Live Grasshoppers

I attempted this project at church, and the kids went wild over the grasshoppers. They really enjoyed this. I went out in the yard the day before Sunday morning service, and gathered up about 30 grasshoppers. We have lots of those little boogers where I live. If you live in the city somewhere, and do not have those little things jumping all over the place then I suggest getting fake ones. I took all the stuff to church Sunday morning and then I put three holes in the top of the lids of the baby food jars. Then I put the little green guys into the jars for the kids. 

We talked about John The Baptist, and how he ate locust with honey. Then we poured honey over the grasshoppers, and let the kids take a bite. haha Okay, I was kidding.  I taught them how John was telling everybody that Jesus was coming. He lived in the desert and dressed in clothes made of camel's hair. 

After they finished their lesson and snack I sent them home with their new pet. We added just a tiny little bit of water for the grasshoppers to drink. The kids let the little grasshopper go later on after they got home.  I would like to say that no grasshoppers were harmed in the making of this project however that was not the case. One child decided to bring me a piece of the stick leg to the grasshopper. They said, "It fell off." So if you attempt this one at church just let the kids know that they shouldn't hurt the little grasshoppers, and tell them to let them go later.

The whole point of the story was to show the kids that John the baptist actually ate these creatures with honey, and that he was proclaiming the coming of Jesus. It was a nice lesson, and the kids were jumping up and down with excitement over this one.

Chicken Nugget Party

Chicken Nugget Party

Round up your little kids from ages 1-3 and throw them a Chicken Nugget Party! Do this at your local church and let them make chicken hats that say,"I'm Not Chicken To Praise God." This age group is very easy to work with as far the excitment level goes. They get so excitied about everything. I love that about this age group. 

Let them watch a Veggie Tale movie and serve them some chicken nuggets. If you want you can have two kids pass the nuggets and drinks out. One is the Drink Disciple and the Other is the Food Disciple.  Give them popsicles to eat afterwards. You can teach the kids a short simplified lesson on what the Veggie Tale movie was about. Smaller kids love Veggie Tales and they have some great biblical meanings that they can understand for their level. 

To make the chicken hats and to see all the pictures (Click here)

Jan 19, 2011

Church Pizza Party

Church Pizza Party

Have you ever thought about having a Church pizza party? If you want to draw a crowd, just utter that small 5 letter word, and watch them come running. Most kids like pizza. There are a few select that do not like it, but for the most part it's a winner.

The idea behind this is for the kids to fellowship with one another. Have them invite their friends. If you do a pizza party at your local Church then bring a christian movie that is appropriate to watch while they eat. You can allow one of the children to lead the prayer before the meal. This helps get them involved. Have a few kids pass the pizza and drinks out. "Remember the food disciple and drink discipline". If you did not read the last post I wrote on, it was about picking out a few kids to pass those things out, and give them that name to go by. 

Kids love to feel appreciated. Be sure that you do not leave kids out. Kids are very sensitivite at times, and get their feelings hurt very easy. Be sure to zero in on those that need the most attention. They want to feel special, and feel like they are doing a great job. Keep those ones involved pretty often. They will remember it one day. They will look back and remember what it was they did in church, and how you treated them.

This gathering is always a good idea, because it great for all ages.

Other alternatives to pizza parties would be:
  • Popcorn Movie Night
  • Ice Cream and Cake Bash (with a movie)
  • McDonald's Drive-Thru And A Park- (this is where you pack the cooler with soda's and go through the drive-thru of McDonald's to get $1 burgers. They have double cheeseburgers that are cheap and filling for the kids. A lot of the kids will eat 2 burgers though. Then take them to the park to eat and play)
  • TacoBell Expedition (pack the cooler with sodas, go through drive-thru, and go to park to eat)
  • Marshmallow and Weenie Roast (with a movie)

If you have really small children lets say ages (1-3) you can do special parties such as:
  • Chicken Nugget Party - make chicken nuggets and let them watch a Veggie Tale movie. Let them make chicken hats to wear that say, "I'm not chicken to praise God".  It does not take much to get this age group excited. Print the chicken template and cut it out. Cut a paper plate in half. Staple the chicken template to front of half plate. Use a hole punch and put a hole on each side of plate. Use two pipe cleaners to tie in hole. Then twist according the child's head size. Simple. Give them popsicles for after they eat their chicken nuggets.

Jan 18, 2011

Children's Church

What's the purpose of Children's Church?
The objective of children's church  is more than just an hour of fun and games. It is more than just keeping the kids out of the adults way during church service. It's purpose is to help kids learn to praise and worship God. It won't help to mimic the children's service after the adult service mainly because they worship differently. Kids need to have fun praising God.

Some Ways To Involve The Kids?
A few ways to involve the children:
  1. Let them put up the felt pictures during Bible lesson time. This is where you tell a Bible story with felt.
  2. Let them gather up the offering and turn it in.
  3. Allow a child to lead in prayer time.
  4. Let them help hand out papers, pencils, coloring pages, or other materials.
  5. Pick out a couple of kids to act a part when your reading a Bible lesson.
  6. Each Sunday have two different helpers that hands out the snacks. Call the one that hands out the food- "Snack Disciple" and the one that hands out the drinks is called -"Drink Disciple"
  7. Allow the kids to partake in very short skits and perform them in front of the church congregation.
  8. Allow the kids to sing some songs in front of the church.
  9. You can let certain ones do a small study on a Bible story, and let them teach it.
  10. Allow some to partake in leading the testimonial service. 
  11. Let them be a part of playing musical instruments before the congregation during choir singing time.
 What Are Some Teaching Methods You Can Use?
  1. Felt Bible Story-Telling bible stories with felt.
  2. Make your own Children's Church lessons or use some online.
  3. Teach using recipes and food during class time to get a biblical lesson across to the children.
  4. Use crafts to give a better understanding of what the lesson was about.
  5. Use a projector to project clipart pictures on the wall to tell a Bible story.

Fly Cupcakes & Fly Drinks

The 10 Plagues of Egypt Fly Cupcakes Recipe

Fly Cupcakes
(The 10 plagues of Egypt-flies)
(Exodus 8:21)  Else, if thou wilt not let my people go, behold, I will send swarms of flies upon thee, and upon thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thy houses: and the houses of the Egyptians shall be full of swarms of flies, and also the ground whereon they are.

  • Fly Cupcakes
  • Box of Cake mix-any kind
  • Frosting- Any Kind
  • Plastic Flies
  • Cupcake liners
Make your cupcakes and put a little plastic fly on top.The kids loved this. I had to be careful with the little kids because I didn't want them to eat the fly or choke on it. I just had them take the fly off before they ate it. I think this was the most fun of the lessons that we did so far. Kids got a kick out the bugs..
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 Fly Drinks
(The 10 Plagues of Egypt-Flies)
  • Orange Juice, Kool-aid, or any drink you want
  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Plastic Flies
  • Cups
Fill the ice tray up and drop 1 plastic fly into the water.
Freeze the water.
Pour your drink into cups.
Now add your plague fly ice cubes to your drink.
Now you have The 10 Plagues Fly Drink.

Fly Writing Scripture Fun

The 10 Plagues of Egypt-Flies
Writing Scripture Fun
Print this Fly sheet out and let your kids copy down the scripture to help them with the lesson. This helps the kids to familiarize themselves with the bible scriptures.

The 10 Plagues of Egypt Fly Word In A Word

Fly Word In A Word 
Print this Fly Sheet out and see how many words your kids can make out of : Plague of Flies.
This goes with the Fly Lesson we offer.

Fly Maze

Here is a great Fly Maze to give to your kids for an activity in class. This goes along with the Fly Lesson that we offer. 

Fly Lesson

Here is a printable Fly Sunday School Lesson for your kids to read in class. This will teach them about the first plague that God sent. We have stuff that goes along with this lesson such as a recipe, craft, maze, coloring page and more.

Mr. Fly Lunch Bag

Mr. Fly Lunch Bag-
For the 10 Plagues of Egypt Fly Crafts 
(Exodus 8:21)  Else, if thou wilt not let my people go, behold, I will send swarms of flies upon thee, and upon thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thy houses: and the houses of the Egyptians shall be full of swarms of flies, and also the ground whereon they are.

  • Fly Template (printable version)
  • Brown Lunch Bag
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • Thread (we used tan)
  • Paper Stuffing (to stuff bag-we used sheets of paper)
  • 2 Black Pipe Cleaners
Print the fly template and cut it out. Take your brown lunch bag and stuff with paper. Fold the top down one time and fold side corners in. Staple.  Tape your fly head arms and feet on. Take 1 pipe cleaner and make the two ends touch together and then twist. Do the other pipe cleaner the same way. Tape these wings on to the inside of the fold at top. Take some thread and wrap around both wings. Tie a knot in thread. I put a black thing behind the fly wings so you could see the thread. It didn't show up every good in the first picture.

Use this fly craft to go along with the The 10 Plagues of Egypt Fly Lesson we have.

Jan 15, 2011

The 10 Plagues Gnat Craft

The 10 Plagues of Egypt Gnat Craft
Take a paper plate and cut out the shape of a gnat. It don't have to be perfect. Just pencil it on the paper plate then cut around it. Then color your gnat gray. Hole punch a hole in its right side. This is for wings. Add 1 black pipe cleaner in hole. Twist in back. Add another one. Tape this down in the back so the wings will hold still. Then draw your black eye on or add an eye sticker. You can leave your gnat pain or draw some lines for decoration. 

  • Paper Plate
  • 2 Black Pipe Cleaners
  • Black Crayon
  • Tape
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Sticker Eye (optional, you can always just draw a black dot)

Gnat Snacks

 Gnat snack anyone? Okay all you need is this:
The 10 Plagues of Egypt Gnat Snacks 

(Exodus 8:16)  And the LORD said unto Moses, Say unto Aaron, Stretch out thy rod, and smite the dust of the land, that it may become lice throughout all the land of Egypt.

This will make a great snack for Chidlren's Church or Sunday school class. This is so easy to throw together. Use this snack when you are teaching about the The Plagues of Egypt Lice (Gnat) Lesson.
The kids can associate the round circle cereal with the little annoying gnats that God sent as a plague on the land of Egypt.

  • Small Plastic Cup
  • Cereal That Is Round (we used cocoa drops)
  • Toothpick
  • Gnat Template (printable version)
  • Tape
Pour some cereal into a cup. Print the Gnat Template and cut it out.
Tape the gnat to a toothpick, then tape the toothpick to the back of cup.

Gnat Maze

Print this cute little Gnat Maze out for church kids. Help Mr. Gnat get to where the rest of the gnats are. The kids are sure to love this. Add this to some gnat coloring pages, lesson, and some other things we offer to make this little lesson complete.