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Jan 12, 2011

The 10 Plagues of Egypt Coloring Pages

We have the whole set of the The 10 Plagues of Egypt Coloring Pages.  This one pictured to the left is the Plague of Darkness in Exodus 10:21. The people are standing in the dark scared. Some are crying. We have a coloring page for each listed plague in the bible. Print these off for your Sunday school class or Children's Church. You can do a lesson on The 10 Plagues of Egypt but bust it up into 10 separate lessons. You can teach about the the water to blood on one Sunday and have them do activity's and crafts that pertain just to that. Then the next Sunday do one on Frogs. Have them make frogs crafts and do activity's that pertain to that. And so on and so forth. The kids are sure to remember the 10 Plagues of Egypt once you complete this lesson. This should take 10 Sunday's to complete.
Go to the 10 Plagues of Egypt Coloring Pages (click here)

Coloring Pages
Water To Blood- Exodus 7:17
Frogs- Exodus 8:2
Lice- Exodus 8:16
Flies- Exodus 8:21
Cattle- Exodus 9:6
Boils- Exodus 9:10
Hail-Exodus 9:23
Locusts- Exodus 10:13
Darkness- Exodus 10:21
Death of Firstborn- Exodus 11:5