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Jan 20, 2011

Chicken Nugget Party

Chicken Nugget Party

Round up your little kids from ages 1-3 and throw them a Chicken Nugget Party! Do this at your local church and let them make chicken hats that say,"I'm Not Chicken To Praise God." This age group is very easy to work with as far the excitment level goes. They get so excitied about everything. I love that about this age group. 

Let them watch a Veggie Tale movie and serve them some chicken nuggets. If you want you can have two kids pass the nuggets and drinks out. One is the Drink Disciple and the Other is the Food Disciple.  Give them popsicles to eat afterwards. You can teach the kids a short simplified lesson on what the Veggie Tale movie was about. Smaller kids love Veggie Tales and they have some great biblical meanings that they can understand for their level. 

To make the chicken hats and to see all the pictures (Click here)