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Jan 18, 2011

Children's Church

What's the purpose of Children's Church?
The objective of children's church  is more than just an hour of fun and games. It is more than just keeping the kids out of the adults way during church service. It's purpose is to help kids learn to praise and worship God. It won't help to mimic the children's service after the adult service mainly because they worship differently. Kids need to have fun praising God.

Some Ways To Involve The Kids?
A few ways to involve the children:
  1. Let them put up the felt pictures during Bible lesson time. This is where you tell a Bible story with felt.
  2. Let them gather up the offering and turn it in.
  3. Allow a child to lead in prayer time.
  4. Let them help hand out papers, pencils, coloring pages, or other materials.
  5. Pick out a couple of kids to act a part when your reading a Bible lesson.
  6. Each Sunday have two different helpers that hands out the snacks. Call the one that hands out the food- "Snack Disciple" and the one that hands out the drinks is called -"Drink Disciple"
  7. Allow the kids to partake in very short skits and perform them in front of the church congregation.
  8. Allow the kids to sing some songs in front of the church.
  9. You can let certain ones do a small study on a Bible story, and let them teach it.
  10. Allow some to partake in leading the testimonial service. 
  11. Let them be a part of playing musical instruments before the congregation during choir singing time.
 What Are Some Teaching Methods You Can Use?
  1. Felt Bible Story-Telling bible stories with felt.
  2. Make your own Children's Church lessons or use some online.
  3. Teach using recipes and food during class time to get a biblical lesson across to the children.
  4. Use crafts to give a better understanding of what the lesson was about.
  5. Use a projector to project clipart pictures on the wall to tell a Bible story.