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Jan 19, 2011

Church Pizza Party

Church Pizza Party

Have you ever thought about having a Church pizza party? If you want to draw a crowd, just utter that small 5 letter word, and watch them come running. Most kids like pizza. There are a few select that do not like it, but for the most part it's a winner.

The idea behind this is for the kids to fellowship with one another. Have them invite their friends. If you do a pizza party at your local Church then bring a christian movie that is appropriate to watch while they eat. You can allow one of the children to lead the prayer before the meal. This helps get them involved. Have a few kids pass the pizza and drinks out. "Remember the food disciple and drink discipline". If you did not read the last post I wrote on, it was about picking out a few kids to pass those things out, and give them that name to go by. 

Kids love to feel appreciated. Be sure that you do not leave kids out. Kids are very sensitivite at times, and get their feelings hurt very easy. Be sure to zero in on those that need the most attention. They want to feel special, and feel like they are doing a great job. Keep those ones involved pretty often. They will remember it one day. They will look back and remember what it was they did in church, and how you treated them.

This gathering is always a good idea, because it great for all ages.

Other alternatives to pizza parties would be:
  • Popcorn Movie Night
  • Ice Cream and Cake Bash (with a movie)
  • McDonald's Drive-Thru And A Park- (this is where you pack the cooler with soda's and go through the drive-thru of McDonald's to get $1 burgers. They have double cheeseburgers that are cheap and filling for the kids. A lot of the kids will eat 2 burgers though. Then take them to the park to eat and play)
  • TacoBell Expedition (pack the cooler with sodas, go through drive-thru, and go to park to eat)
  • Marshmallow and Weenie Roast (with a movie)

If you have really small children lets say ages (1-3) you can do special parties such as:
  • Chicken Nugget Party - make chicken nuggets and let them watch a Veggie Tale movie. Let them make chicken hats to wear that say, "I'm not chicken to praise God".  It does not take much to get this age group excited. Print the chicken template and cut it out. Cut a paper plate in half. Staple the chicken template to front of half plate. Use a hole punch and put a hole on each side of plate. Use two pipe cleaners to tie in hole. Then twist according the child's head size. Simple. Give them popsicles for after they eat their chicken nuggets.