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Jan 6, 2011

Valentine's Day Sweetheart Candy Cutouts

 SweetHeart Candy CutOuts

These are not your original sweetheart candies. These have something very different about these. They uplift Jesus! His name is covered all over the little pink hearts to add some fun for your next Sunday school class project.

For Valentine's Day try printing out these Sweetheart Candy Cutouts. You can use these however need.  

  • You can glue them to outside of envelopes with a Valentine inside.
  •  You can tape them to a popsicle stick or toothpicks and stick in cupcakes for "Jesus Sweetheart Cupcakes".
  • You can make a Valentine photo frame with the child's picture and glue the little hearts all around the frame.
  • You can hole punch a hole in each one and string some yarn through it to make a Jesus sweetheart necklace to wear. You can do them all to make one necklace, if you have just a few kids, or you can do just one heart if you have tons of kids.