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Feb 14, 2011

Grasshopper Dreamer Clipart

Picture Scripture-Christian Clipart

Poor little grasshopper. He is a little dreamer boy. God gives him dreams and shows him things to come, and it seems like the more he tells his family about them, the more he is hated. He is so sad that no one understands him. He didn't do anything wrong. His grasshopper brothers envied him and were jealous of his dreams. Grasshopper dreamer boy begins to wonder why everything is turning out so bad for him.

God had a plan for him. God showed the little grasshopper things to come through dreams for a reason. The bully brothers tossed him down into a pit and then sold him to some cockroaches. A famine hit the land and the little grasshoppers were hungry. They needed food. Guess who they came across that had food. DREAMER BOY! They were sorry for what they had done to him. Little dreamer grasshopper boy knew that his brothers were going to bow to him some day but he didn't really understand how it would get to that point. God didn't show him that part.

So if you feel like God shows you things through dreams and no one understands yet perhaps they will later on. God understands you and that is all that matters. Worry about what God thinks. Do not be intimated by others putting you down.

God has a great purpose for you "little grasshopper" heehee. ☺

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