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Feb 11, 2011

Mouse Prophet Clipart

Picture Scripture-Christian Clipart

Sometimes God may tell you something through his word, and you just don't listen. Perhaps you just want to double check with him. Maybe you have asked him a million times to confirm things to you. Then you decide to seek his face and have him speak to you one on one. And guess what. He tells you the same thing that he showed you through the word. 

Do not doubt what he shows you. He may be calling you to do a great work for him. You may feel like a tiny little mouse, but God wants to use that because you can reach places that most can not. You may have the opportunity to speak to certain people that others can not reach. Only because of the small state that you are in. Do not let your perception of yourself stop what God is calling you to do. 

He is calling you out to be something that no one thought you could be. He is calling you to do something that will shake nations. He is calling you to save souls. He is calling you. Do not run from his calling. Run to him. He wants to use to speak his word. DO NOT FIGHT HIM ON IT. If you get confused then just seek his face. He will show you. The devil will try to stop you and come and try to cause confusion. He will mess with your mind if you allow him. Jesus wants you to speak his word and save as many souls as you can. Time is running out. Rise up little mouse. Do not be afraid and do not fear, Jesus is HERE to save the day. He will guide you and show you just what to do and what to say. Stop listening to others that are not friends of Jesus. They will only lead you astray. I am calling you to call my sheep in. Go forth little mouse and call my sheep to come to the shepherd.

Romans 11:29-  For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

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