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Mar 15, 2011

How to make a YouTube Video with pictures

Noah's Ark Clipart

We went ahead and made a youtube video with some animals that we created here at Church House Collection. After multiple attempts of trying to find a website that offered free resources to make a slideshow movie of the pictures I finally stumbled upon an article that said most people have the video making source already on their computer. I was like WHAT? So I went into my START icon on my computer and did a search for a Windows Live Video Maker. And low and behold the little booger popped up. I thought well isn't that just something.

I was very surprised at how easy this whole thing was to manipulate and add effects to it. I thought Cool! Then I saved it and went over into Youtube and uploaded my video. It loaded super duper fast. Then when I was waiting for it to finish it couldnt. I though wait a minute....What is going on now. Apparently this thing had saved it in the wrong format. I was like UGHHH!!!

So back to the video maker section I went. I thought now what am I suppose to save this in. Well there was this button on the top right hand corner and it said SAVE MOVIE...I clicked on that and then clicked on RECOMMEND FOR THIS PROJECT. That saved into the correct format.

(And Yes, I realize there was a button at the top that had options where you could upload it straight to YouTube however when I tried that it wanted me to get a hotmail account. I was like....uh...okay never mind..)

So I went and tried the upload again in the Youtube section. It worked this time, but took a long time to upload. I am just glad it worked.

I am writing all this because someone out there like me might need to have this information available. It would have made it easy if I had come across someone's post that had something like this.

I like to find free things, however, I never thought my own computer had something so useful lurking deep within.

Hope this post helps someone out there that wants to upload a YouTube Video of a Slideshow Picture Gallery.

By the way I had originally went with slideroll that is a free one, but it cut a lot of my pictures off and then I tried Smilebox and they have cool stuff, but they want money if you want to upload music. So check it out on your computer and try typing in Windows Live Movie Maker. Hope your computer has one because it's very worth it.