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Mar 30, 2011

My Touch and Feel Bible StoryBook

My Bible Story Book
(Feel and Touch)

Print this sheet out and have the kids make a touch and feel book with it. Make a book out of construction paper and staple the pages together. Just stack a few pieces of construction paper together and fold in half. Then put three staples down the edge. Have the kids cut each picture out and glue one on each page. Have them glue down something that resembles the person or story behind each one. For example:

Solomon: Glue a popsicle stick down below the picture and add plastic gems to the stick for a scepter.

Joseph: Glue down a small cut out piece of fabric that is full of different colors or diff color yarn.

John The Baptist: Glue a cotton ball down and paint it yellow for a bee hive to represent the honey he ate.

Joseph: Glue down some wood or a nail for being a carpenter. (Or you can draw the nail)

Elijah: Glue down red tissue paper for fire or red felt cut in flames for calling down fire.

Paul: Glue down goggle eyes and then draw a pair of eyes that are just black for him going blind.

Jonah: Glue down a strip of blue felt for water and draw a whale on top.

Mary: Glue down yellow yarn for hay that Mary laid the baby Jesus in.

Abraham: Glue down a piece of tinfoil for silver and draw a gold brick for gold. This represents the scripture when it says Abraham was rich in cattle, silver and gold.

These are just some ideas to use. Come up with your own or add more to it. On the front write, MY BIBLE STORYBOOK.

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