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Apr 29, 2011

Mother's Day Sunday School Lesson

Church House Collection has a Mother's Day Sunday School Lesson. It has activities to go along with this. Use this lesson in Sunday school or Children's Church. Teach the children the scripture from the Bible in Matthew 19:19 where it says to honor thy father and thy mother. Teach the children how they should treat their mother and what they should do for her on Mother's day. Mother's day is a very special day to let your mommy know that you care.

We have some cute Mother's day marshmallow flower snacks that your kids can make in class to give to their mom or you can make it for them and hand them out during class time to go with their lesson. Try making the cute Mother day paper lunch bag craft. The kids will have fun putting the little fork arms on and adding her long brown yarn hair. We have Mother's Day Cup Craft that is sculpted into your very own mom.

Mother's Day Cup Craft

Mother's Day Cup Craft 
Matthew 19:19-Honour thy father and thy mother...
  • White Styrofoam Cup
  • Bow
  • Sticker Eyes or Goggle Eyes
  • Red Marker-for mouth
  • Black marker-for eyebrows and writing scripture
  • Yarn-for shirt
  • 3 Brown pipe cleaners
  • Tape
  • Scissors
Take your 1 of your brown pipe cleaners and cut it half. Then cut those two pieces in half. Now you should have 6 small pieces. Stick them in the top of the cup. Just poke them down in there. Bend them down or position them how you would like for her hair. Do the same cutting technique with the other 2 pipe cleaners and stick those in.
Now take your yarn (we used multi- colored yarn) and wrap it around the bottom of the cup for her shirt. Be sure to leave the bottom rim of the cup exposed so you can write the scripture Matt 19:19 on it. Use some tape to tape down the yarn in the back. Stick your eyes on if you are using stickers. If you are using google eyes then glue them on. Draw your mouth and eyesbrows on. Add a bow. You can make your own out of the same yarn and just tie it in her hair or you can buy bows in bulk at walmart. Now get your black marker and add that scripture down at the bottom.
Have the kids give this to their mommy for Mother's day.

Use our Mother's Day Lesson that has other activities to go with it.

Mother's Day Flower Snacks

Mother's Day Flower Snacks
Matthew 19:19- Honor thy father and thy mother....

  • Very Large Marshmallows
  • Jelly Beans
  • Sixlets Round Candy
  • Wooden Sticks (optional)
  • Frosting (for glue)
Take one sixlet and dab a little frosting on the back and stick it down in the middle of the large marshmallow. Take 5 jelly beans and dab frosting on the back of those and lay down around the sixlet. This will make it look like a little flower. You can make a whole bunch of these up and lay them on a pan and take them to church. If you want you can take some wooden sticks and stick them through the marshmallow to give them a flower stem. You can add those sticks to it when you are passing them out to the kids at church. These would not work out well if you try to add that stick and then take them to church.

Another idea would be that you could stick that little flower arrangement on top of a cupcake. If you wanted you could also dip those marshmallows into some candy melts and coat the marshmallow real good and then stick those candies on top. This will make it taste really good.  If you don't have sixlets on hand then you could use other round candies like skittles, round candy balls, or just anything that resembles a round shape that is small.
Use our Mother's Day Sunday school lesson to go with it. We have other activities that go with it.

Mother's Day Lunch Bag Craft

Mother Day Lunch Bag Craft
Matthew 19:19 Honor thy Father and thy Mother... 
  • Brown or White Lunch Bag
  • Tape
  • Bow
  • Sticker Eyes or Goggle Eyes-   (or just draw the eyes on with marker)
  • Red and black marker
  • Crayons
  • 2 white plastic forks
  • 3 Long strips of brown yarn-  for hair
Cut three long pieces of brown yarn. Tape in each corner to hold the hair in place. Add a bow. You can make your own out of yarn or buy some in bulk from walmart. You can even use a fake flower and glue it to a clothespin and then clip the clothspin on. This bow came from walmart and has a grip clip on the back. Tape a fork to the back on each side of the paper lunch bag for the arms.

Add her sticker eyes, mouth and eyebrows. Now draw her a shirt and dress and color it in with crayons. You can make small dots with marker all over outfit to make it pretty. You can even add glitter to her skirt if you want. Using a black marker write Honor thy mother and Matt 19:19 on her shirt.

Optional: You could cut out a small square piece of paper and write, "Happy Mother's Day" on it and then stick it in between the fork prongs. It will look like she is holding the paper.

Now give this to your mommy for Mother's Day!

Check out our Mother's Day Lesson that has activities to go with it.

Apr 27, 2011

Shun Profane & Vain Babblings Picture

2 Timothy 2:16-17- But shun profane and vain babblings:for they will increase unto more ungodliness. And their word will eat as doth a canker.

This little porcupine was listening to vain babblings, and now he has sores all over his body. His bird friend was curious about what happened to him. The scripture in 2 Timothy 2:16-17 talks about shuning the fruitless talking of others. If it is not profitable for you to be listening to it then shun it. The word says it will eat like a canker.

It is amazing how words will affect you from just listening to it. The Bible says that Death and Life are in the power of the tongue and those that love it will eat the fruit thereof. You need to be careful what you are letting come into your ears. I guess the Lord thought it was pretty important that you hear good things. There is something that happens to you from soaking up stuff that is not good. You might not be able to see it right away on the outside but if I was you I would heed to what the word says.

There are some situations that you might be in that you are not able to shun or get away from. There is a difference when you are doing something on purpose and taking part in vain babblings. God knows your heart and what the situation is. If you love listening to the vain talk then there lies the problem. If you don't like it and perhaps you trying to win a soul or have to work around people that do this then just pray about it and the Lord will take care of it. I promise. It  becomes a canker when you love to be involved in this vain babbling.

Apr 22, 2011

Apr 18, 2011

Resurrection Eggs Craft For Kids

You need:
You may have seen the original Resurrection Eggs and they use real items inside the eggs. Those are fun to do too. But this is just an easier way. You will need to make one yourself to have on hand to demonstrate and tell the story first and then have the kids do their own. This is an Easter story that leads up to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Sit the kids down in a circle. Begin to read to the kids the list 1-12 and open each egg one at a time while you are going through the list. Show the the children the little picture of what was in the egg and explain a short simplified story behind each one. Each egg has a different story.

  1. Palm Branch-  this is for the triumphal entry. The palm leaves were thrown down when they saw Jesus coming. Matthew 21:8
  2. Bread- this is for the last supper when Jesus broke bread with the disciples. Matthew 26:26
  3. Praying Hands- this is for Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane.  Mark 13:42
  4. Coins- this is for Judas betraying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.  Matthew 26:14-15
  5. Rope- this is for the rope that Jesus was bound with by soldiers  Matthew 27:2
  6. Feather- this is for Peter denying Jesus three times and the rooster crowed like Jesus said it would. Matthew 26:34
  7. Thorns- this is for the crown of thorns that was placed on Jesus head.  John 19:2
  8. Purple Robe- this is for Jesus robe that was taken away.  Matthew 27:28
  9. Cross- this is for the cross that Jesus died on for our sins. John 19:17-18
  10. Tomb- this is for Jesus being placed in a tomb and rose on the third day.  Matthew 28:5-6
  11. Fish- this is for Jesus eating fish with the disciples.  Luke 24:41-33
  12. Clouds- this is for Jesus going up to Heaven. Act 1:11
Once your are done with the demonstration have the kids go to their seats and hand out the printed sheet of resurrection eggs.

Have the kids color and cut each egg out with the scripture included in it. If you printed the colored one then you don't have to worry about crayons. Give each child 12 plastic eggs to put the paper eggs in. Have the kids put the eggs in order in the egg carton if they are using one.

Tape or glue the 1-12 list to the inside at the top of egg carton. If you are using a brown lunch bag just tape or glue to outside of bag. If you are using a basket then just tape to the side of basket.

Another option is that you could just let the kids color the page and take it home instead. Just talk about each one and what they represent.

Easter Tomb Snacks For Kids

Would like to know how to make little Easter tombs for your kids to eat?
Try this little recipe out.

 I actually used the regular sized Easter Eggs when I made these. I actually doubled this recipe and I had so much Rice Krispies left over  it was not even funny. I bought a package of plastic eggs (48 eggs) and made all 48 using both sides of the egg mold.

Then I had so much left over that I scooped it all in a 11" X 15"  glass pan and just spread them out to make regular rice krispy treats. I added some miniature marshmallows on top of that.

For regular Rice Krispy Treats
  • 6 Tablespoons butter or margarine
  • 8 cups  miniature marshmallows or 2 pkg. Regular Marshmallows
  • 12 cups  Rice Krispy Cereal
  • Plastic Eggs-Regular size

These will be a hit!

Resurrection Basket

Resurrection Basket 

Matthew 28:6- He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

  • Two paper plates
  • Easter grass
  • White liquid glue
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Colored card stock
  • Markers and Crayons

Cut the top half from the center of both paper plates.  Leave the outer rims to make the handles.  Use liquid glue to hold the plates together so the curved edges are facing each other.  This will leave a small cavity in the center. You might need to use paper clips to hold the edges while the glue is drying.  Put a small amount of Easter grass in the opening.  Glue a Bible verse about Easter on the front or use a marker and write, "He has risen!"

While the glue is drying on the basket, cut oval shapes from the card stock. Use markers and crayons to draw pictures on the eggs like a crown of thorns, a cross, a tomb, a flower, Jesus, or anything else that comes to mind about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You can even color the basket brown if you want.

More Easter Crafts, Lessons, Coloring Pages, Recipes and more at Church House Collection.

Apr 15, 2011

Just when you thought God didn't care

Oh yes, He does care! Don't think for one minute that Jesus don't care about you. He is watching you and listening to you. He knows what you are feeling. He is there for you. God is interested in every desire that you have. Stop thinking he don't care! He LOVES you child.....

Are you searching for Jesus?

Apr 14, 2011

Tomb Salt Dough Craft

Tomb Salt Dough

  • 2 Cups Flour
  • 1/2 Cup Salt
  • 3/4 Cup Cold Water
  • White Styrofoam Bowls
  • Scissors
  • 2 Toothpicks

Mix up ingredients and kneed with your hands. To make this tomb that you see in the picture I only used one heaping handful of dough that will fit in my fist. With plenty of dough left over.Use this fun craft to go along with our Easter Lesson.

 First add your 2 cups of flour.

Next add your 1/2 cup of Salt.

 Next add your 3/4 cup of cold water.

 This is what the dough should look like after you mix it up real good.

 Now take your white Styrofoam bowl and turn it upside down.

 Okay this is the bowl upside down. :)

 Take a rolling pin and roll your handful of dough out.

 Spread your dough over the bowl now.

 Make yourself a little round door and stick it on the tomb.

 Grab your scissors and cut a hole for the door.

 Get yourself 2 toothpicks so you can pick your teeth... lol okay not really.

Stick 1 toothpick in the tomb and go through the styrofoam a little.

  Cover your toothpick with some dough.

 Add your 2nd toothpick sideways into the dough.

Now this is your finished tomb. Let the kids at church make these and take home with them. Just let them air dry for a couple of days, and they will get hard. This will be fun for children's church when teaching on Easter.

If you do this at home with your kids then you can actually put this in the oven for a couple of hours on low heat. Make sure you put this on a GLASS BOWL cause the plastic will melt!! I am sure you knew that already though, huh?
Combine this craft with our Easter Lesson that has coloring pages, mazes, recipes, crafts and more to go with it.

10th Plague Laminated Picture

 The 10th Plague of Egypt-Death of Firstborn
Bible Story-Telling Picture

Print the picture out and have it laminated and hold it up for the class to look at it when you are teaching the kids on a lesson on the plagues. This is the last plague that God sent on Pharaoh and the people of Egypt.

We have more Bible story-telling images that you can use to go with the Ten Plagues.

We have an entire breakdown of the Ten plagues of Egypt that will last for 10 Sunday morning Children's church services or Sunday school. Each plague was broken down into a lesson and has many things go with it such as coloring pages, mazes, recipes, word in words, clipart, writing paper, crafts, and so much more.

Ten Plagues of Egypt Death of Firstborn Lesson

Were you looking for a Sunday school Lesson or Children's Church Lesson to use with the kids at church? This is a printable 10th plague of Egypt death of firstborn lesson. I made this lesson to go with a coloring page, craft, recipe, maze, word in a word, color by number, find the difference, clipart, bible story-telling picture, activity sheet, cut outs, puzzle, writing paper and more.

Try using our entire 10 plagues lesson that will last for 10 Children's church services. This has been one great lesson to break down with the kids. They have learned so much about each plague. It really pounds the little plagues into their minds from week to week.

Pharaoh Lunch Bag Craft

The 10 Plagues of Egypt-Death of Firstborn

Print and cut out Pharaoh and the words. Glue or tape to the brown lunch bag.  Use this Pharaoh craft to go along with the death of firstborn lesson. Since this comes in two parts you will be able to put your hand in it and turn it into a hand puppet.

Pharaoh Cupcake

The 10th Plague of Egypt-Death of Firstborn
Pharaoh Cupcake

Exodus 11:5-And all the firstborn in the land of Egypt shall die, from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sitteth upon his throne, even unto the firstborn of the maidservant that is behind the mill; and all the firstborn of beasts.

  • Pharaoh Template (printable version)
  • Yellow Cake Mix
  • Chocolate Rocks
  • Honey
  • Toothpick
  • Tape
Bake your cupcake. When finished baking them let them cool off. Drizzle honey on top of cupcake and add your chocolate rocks on top. Print Pharaoh template off and cut him out. Tape it to a toothpick. Stick it down in cupcake. Use this Pharaoh cupcake to go along with the The 10th Plague of Egypt Death of Firstborn Sunday school lesson.

You can always skip the honey and rocks and just add regular frosting to the cupcake instead. I just thought I would use the rocks cause I had them on hand. I really like baking cupcakes for the kids because they are so easy to make, and don't cost very much.

We have Crafts, Coloring Pages, Mazes, Color By Number, Find The Difference and more to go with this Pharaoh Cupcake. This will help you to be able to put a whole lesson together for your children's church or Sunday school. 

Easter Tomb Resurrection Cupcakes

Easter Tomb Resurrection
  • Jesus Lives Template (Printable Version)
  • Yellow Cake Mix
  • Betty Crocker Sky Blue Cupcake Icing
  • Toothpick
  • Tape
  • Cupcake Wraps By Wilton (optional)

Bake your cupcakes. Use some blue Wilton Betty Crocker sky blue frosting on top of the cupcake. Print off Jesus Lives template and cut them out. Tape to a toothpick and stick down in the cupcake. Add a cupcake wrap around the cupcake for an extra touch if you want.

For more Easter Recipes or Bible Recipes check out Church House Collection.