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Jun 15, 2011

Father's Day Sunday School Lesson

 Print this Father's Day Sunday School Lesson out for the kids. It has a father and son turtle pictured on it. We have a clipart picture for you to use along with other things to go with it below. More Lessons, Crafts, Clipart, Puzzles, and Ideas at Church House Collection.

  Father's Day Turtle Clipart for you to use:

Father's Day Turtle Coloring Page

 Father's Day Word In A Word Sheet

Father's Day Paper Plate Turtle

"Dad, I didn't SHELL out much this Father's day, but I still love you!" 

  • two uncoated 
  • paper plates
  • crayons
  • tape
  • scissors
  • a sheet of construction paper
  • optional google eyes for head

Divide the bottom side of an uncoated paper plate into squares or hexagons with a crayon.  Color each square.  Cut out a head, a tail, and four legs from construction paper.  Tape these to the top of a second paper plate.  Glue the two plates together so the tops of each plate are to the inside.
Place a baggy with a treat (cookies, candy, nuts, etc.) for dad between the plates before gluing together the plates.  Children who are old enough can write a thank you note to their fathers on the bottom.  It can say something like: "Dad I didn't SHELL out much for Father's Day but I still love you."

Father's Day Maze

Father's Day Door Knob Hanger

Father's Day Turtle Mug
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