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Jul 15, 2011

Kids Wall Murals - Wall Paintings

Yes I like to draw and paint if you haven't noticed. My child wanted Tom and Jerry holding guns cause he is into the whole hunting and guns thing. I drew this a long time ago on the wall and just painted it. The two are standing by a tree.

I have always enjoyed coloring up my walls for some reason. It's a lot of work but the kids sure like it.

This picture is a painting I did in the kids play room of Peter Pan, Wendy, John and Micheal.
This picture is of a painting of Peter Pan Lost boys in a boat dressed up in funny outfits. They are making funny faces to Captain Hook almost getting ate by the alligator.

Here is a painting of Captain Hook almost getting ate by Mr. Alligator. Did I mention these drawings took me  Taking many breaks are very important. haha I took plenty of them. You wouldn't believe the little hand cramps I got in my poor little fingers. Poor digits.. sniff sniff

 Oh look it's Tinkerbell! One more painting that was added to the play room. Exhustaion has kicked in beyond you can even imagine with all the painting! But it was worth it. Do the kids appreciate mommy's hard work. Perhaps some day...sigh....

O There is that mean ol kitty cat chasing that mouse into the mouse hole again.

 There goes the other little mouse running just as fast as he can from the kitty cat.