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Aug 7, 2011

Ice Cream Cone Poster Board

Idea For An Ice Cream Cone Poster Board
  • Poster Board- Pink
  • Black Bulletin Board Trim
  • Ice Cream Cones-  made with colored paper and tissue paper
  • Tape
  • Ice Cream Cone Print Out Large Print Out (just print this in poster layout version using 4 sheets of paper)
  • Ice Cream Cone With Scripture Print Out
Just an idea for an ice cream cone poster board for church would be to tape your black trim down at the top. Then make two small ice cream cones by cutting a small triangle out of colored paper and then drawing criss crossing lines on the cone. Take a sheet of colored tissue paper and tear it in half. Wade the paper up in your hand to make it wrinkly. Then unfold it and take all four corners and gather them toward the middle and tape it down. Tape the tissue paper to the top of the cone.

To make the large ice cream cone just print out the picture in the poster layout version using 4 sheets of paper. Then cut it out. This will eliminate the scripture on this one. To get the ice cream cone with scripture just print it out normal and tape to the poster board. I also added a tiny ice cream cone that I had actually pulled off an ice cream cone ceiling decoration. You could just add another ice cream cone made from tissue paper and colored paper in place of that.

Use an Ice Cream Sunday School Lesson to go with this.