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Sep 12, 2011

Pumpkin Dinner

  • 1 Large Pumpkin
  • Food To Fill Pumpkin (Macaroni and Cheese, Ravioli, Chicken Noodle Soup, Turkey and Stuffing)
  • Knife -To cut pumpkin top off
  • Spoon - To scoop out pumpkin 

Cut the top off a pumpkin. Scoop out all the pumpkin insides. Wash the pumpkin out real good. Scrub it with a clean scrubbie to get everything out of it.

Fill the pumpkin up with your cooked food of choice. You could open cans of chicken noodle soup and pour into the pumpkin and scoop it out for the kids in Sunday school for a snack. You could fill it with macaroni and cheese, ravioli, or whatever else you think might sound good to the kids.

Carve the words, "Harvesting For God" on the front of the pumpkin with the end of a spoon. You just want to take the skin color off so it reveals the other color under the skin.

You could take this for a Church dinner and just fill it up with Stuffing as a side dish. Add turkey to it if you want turkey and dressing.

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