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Oct 26, 2011

Feeding On The Word Of God Game

This is a "Feeding On The Word Of God" Game. I used a black display board and hot glued acorns and leaves to the board. I had a small scarecrow and hot glued that to the back of the board. I hot glued orange and yellow flowers to the board too. I added some store bought spiral twigs to each side and hot glued those together. I twisted a bread tie on those keep it secure. I found an old square picture frame made of cardboard and hot glued that to the middle of the board. I took some scissors and cut out the middle of where I glued the frame. This is for the bible game pieces to be tossed into. I printed the template of the 3 Bible's and laminated those and hot glued a clothes pin to the back to add some weight to it for tossing.

I printed two 8.5 X 11 large crows out and laminated them. I hot glued those in the middle of the board. I printed the other crow template that has 4 crows on it on sticker paper and cut those out and stuck them at the top on each side of the display board. I then printed out the scripture template and taped that on the board.

I made some Bibles that I glued to the board that were just jello boxes that I wrapped like a christmas present with white printing paper and taped it. I drew lines at the top, bottom and right side to look like pages of a book. I drew on the left side a bookmark. I just hot glued that on to the display board.

Bible glued to display board

Bible's glued to display board

This is the jello boxes that i cover with printing paper and drew lines, bookmark and wrote the words BIBLE on the front. I hot glued this to the display board for looks.

Game Pieces Template-print and laminate and hot glue clothes pin to the back



Game Pieces To Throw-just print template and laminate

Game Pieces to Throw- glue the clothes pins to the back

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