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Nov 16, 2011

Mayflower Snack Boat

Mayflower Snack Boat

Construction paper
Paper cups
Gum drops
Plain white paper
Hole punch

     Cut the top off of a paper cup so that it is only about two inches (5 cm.) tall. Print out the template.  Cut two of the ship’s body from construction paper.  I used brown, but any color will do.  Staple the two pieces together at the sides.  Leave the bottom and top open.

    Cut the sails from white paper or just cut out the ones you printed.  Hole punch the circles.  Run a straw through the holes in the sails so that the larger sail is on the bottom.  Stick the bottom of the straw in a gumdrop to hold it in place. 

     Separate the sides of the ship so that you can place the cup bottom between them.  Place the gum drop with the sails in the cup. (See picture.) Fill the cup with a snack.

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