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Dec 20, 2011

Chicken and Dumplings Recipe Featuring The Spice Boys

Oh, look how sad the spice boys look. They want to be shaken on the chicken. Let's help them out.

Cover the cut up pieces of chicken in black coarse pepper, salt, parsley, oregano, thyme and pure ground black pepper. Let cook on medium heat so all those flavors will soak into that chicken. When you are done cooking the chicken, just turn it on low heat and let it sit until you are done making your broth for your dumplings.

 Next grab yourself some chicken broth. I used two 14.5 OZ cans and poured them in a large pot.

Pourrrrrr...  Into the pot the chicken broth goes. Pour both cans in. Then take that can and go over to your sink and fill it full to the top with water. Pour that in the pot. Add about 4 cans of water. (You want enough liquid in your pot to last while you are cooking your dumplings. All the liquid will evaporate pretty good by the time you get close to done cooking those little dudes.)

Hey look, it's one the Spice Boys! It's Mr. Bay Leaves. Just pull out one of these and toss it into the pot.

Next on the scene is the famous Oregano Spice Boy. Shake generously into the pot. Let's give the little bay leaf some company.

Okay nice and pretty!

In goes Coarse Black Pepper! Shake him in pretty good. If you don't like coarse ground pepper then just shake in some ground pepper instead.

Don't forget to add some Parsley Flakes. Do as much or as little as you want.

O my! Who is this one? Is he a part of the Spice Boys? Yes he is. This is little Thyme Leaves Boy. Put a small amount of Thyme Leaves in your hand and add that to the pot.

Geez...Somebody sure is grumpy today! Add some salt to the mixture. Once again just add as much as you want depending on what your taste is. These spices are just giving your dumplings flavor. You want a tasty dumpling. Put this on high and bring to a boil.

 Awwh... Nothing like the awesome smell of spices boiling on the stove. 

Well...Well....Well....It seems that the Buttermilk Girls have joined us.

 Open the can of buttermilk biscuits up. I used all four cans believe it or not! Just tear your biscuits in half before you throw them into the boiling water. Be sure to bring the water temperature down some. You don't want to leave it at boiling. I turned the stove down to about an 8. If its too high your dumplings will turn into a bunch of mush. And if it's to low it won't cook right. It took a couple of times before I got the hang of that. The dumplings will cook pretty fast. They will only take about 1 or 2 minutes. You will need to fish one out and check to see if it's doughy or not.

When the dumplings are done just scoop them out into a bowl.

Okay this is the important part. When you are done cooking all your dumplings you will have some thick broth left over. You might not want to use all this broth that was left over, because the spices that are in this are pretty intense. However if you are into that sort of thing then you can use it all. So dip out about 1 cup of this thick stuff. Make sure you don't get that bay leaf in it. You are only going to use 1 cup of this stuff. So dump what's remaining in your pot out into something else. Add your 1 cup of thick broth back into the pot.

 Take 1 large 26oz can of Cream of Chicken and dump into the pot. Heat this up.

Let's add some juice to this. How about some milk! I put 1/4 in the ol pot a roo. (That means pot, in case you were scratching your head on what I meant there.)

Okay next let's add some chocolate chips. You want to shake about.....O COME ON PEOPLE. You didn't really think I was going to mess up this magnificent entree did you?? Okay, so no chocolate chips. hee hee hee :)

Let's add the dumplings to the hot mixture of cream of chicken.

Add your long forgot chicken that we cooked for ever ago into the pot now. Give it a real good stir.

Scoop out into a bowl and pig out! O yeah!