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Dec 2, 2011

Christmas Decorating Ideas For The House

 Try adding some fake fluffy snow cotton to your coffee tables and then sprinkle them with decorations. I added a gingerbread lane set to mine. Sometimes I would add Christmas lights under the snow and plug them in. This makes it look really pretty. I would also lay small flat sparkly snowflake decorations all over the snow. And some beaded garland all over. Add sparkly floral picks as well.
 Decorating a Christmas tree can be lots of fun. My child actually decorated this one. Lot's of blue flower picks stuck in the tree. Sparkly balls, Swirled Candy, and very large snowflakes. We also hung the large snowflakes from the ceiling using a screwed in hook. This is acutally on a beam on the ceiling and not in the actual ceiling. String lights across the curtain rods and add some Christmas Tinsel Garland that swags over it. You can add small battery operated candles in the window.

I needed a stocking hanger really bad and did not have one. Then it came to me to use the towel hanger out of the bathroom to hang the stockings on. This worked perfect. You could even dress it up some and add some pretty tinsel garlend to hide the metal if you want.

 Decorate your kitchen table too! Add a christmas wreath and sit a christmas cookie jar down in the middle of it. I used my Gingerbread house. Then I put a Christmas candy dish in the front of it. Fill it up with some candy for the kids. I have some red snowmen placemats, a tall white beaded tinsel tree made of metal on the left and a small green battery powered light up tree on the right. Then there are two small gingerbread bowls that the lids come off of on each side. Get creative and use your own Christmas stuff that you have to make your table really stand out. Add a family picture in the front instead of the candy dish and make it more personal.

 Give your small coffee tables or lamp stands a lit up wreath that lays down on it. This will give some holiday cheer. Add some Christmas music by plugging a small cd player in behind your Christmas tree.

Put a Nativity set with deer and angels around it on your coffee tables or buffets. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus at Christmas time so we can NOT leave him out. That is what Christmas is all about. THE BIRTH OF JESUS!

 I have a plug in angel that glows and glitters and I stuck that in my kitchen on my counter top.

 If you have green bushes in your house or fake trees then add garland to them and hang Christmas balls all over them. String some lights on them too!

 Put a better homes scented candle on the stove on low heat and warm it up to make the house smell good. This really puts others in the Christmas mood when they come into house filled with the smells of Candied Carmel Pecan. I really like the Paula Dean Baked French Toast and Vanilla Buttercream candle. I put those on the small plug in candle warmer that I have.

Don't have a candle? Well make your own smell good scent to fill the house while your decorating for Christmas. Just get a small saucepan out and add some water to the pan. It don't matter how much water you use. Use however much you want. You can fill it half way up. Then sprinkle some cinnamon. Add some cloves if you want. Heat at medium heat and this will fill the WHOLE house with the smell. It's smells awesome!

Some people don't like the smell of cinnamon so you could use something else. You could use lemon slices, orange peels, oil fragrances like French Vanilla or apple. These are just a few ideas you can use.

Make a gingerbread house! Or let the kids make one. Make your own or buy a kit from Wal-Mart. I have always enjoyed making gingerbread houses. They are so much fun!

Here is a picture of one that I made a long time ago. This took me awhile to put this together. It has a peanut chimney in the back and it looked really neat. Two cute snowmen and a reindeer with a scarf on. A paved M&M walkway and Ice Cream Cone trees. I added a little pretzel fence with red ribbon strung through it. Want to make this same one? I have the directions on my other website. CHRISTMAS GINGERBREAD HOUSE

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