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Dec 13, 2011

How To Make A Small Stocking

 This is a very easy way to throw together a small stocking as a gift for someone.

Here is the printable stocking pattern. Just print it out on card stock and cut out. This will make a small stocking to stuff goodies in.

Here is the pattern. Just cut this out.

Pick out what kind of material you want and pin it down. 

You should have this once you are done cutting it out.
Remove the template and put your pins back on the material to keep it together.

Okay start sewing. 

Once you are done sewing turn the stocking inside out and it should like this now. Getting close to done.

Take a piece of white trim and we are going to sew that on now. You can use any color trim you want. Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape is what I used.

Yes, I am very aware that my sewing line is crooked. I never claimed I won an award for Best Sewing. lol....  Okay so your trim should be sewed on the top like this.

Take some red trim (Bias tape, this was not extra wide) and sew into the stocking on the side for a hanging hook.

Here is the hanging hook.

Here is the completed small stocking. Now just stuff it full of candy canes, candy bars, or anything you can think of. You can always add a small sticker gift tag to the front of this and write their name on it.