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Jan 25, 2012

Personalized Happy Birthday Cupcake Toppers

 Needing a fun and easy idea for your child to help make cupcakes for their family then try this one. Just bake some cupcakes and frost them and add sprinkles to the top. You can use colored popsicle sticks or regular ones and tape to the back of the cupcake topper and stick down in the cupcake.

Template with words Happy B-Day Papa Fred


Template with words-Happy B-Day

Template with No Words

Want to personalize your own? Just download the cupcake topper template to your computer and upload into paint program and type what you need.

Here is a picture of the cupcake topper paper that is opened up in the PAINT PROGRAM. You should have a PAINT program on your own computer. This is so easy once you get the hang of it. If you want me to make you a FREE cupcake topper for your child's Birthday then just email me and I will do it for you totally free. I can add any picture from the Church House Collection website that you find along with the words "Happy B-Day (Child's Name)" 

We have a clipart website, but all of my clipart is not pictured in there. We have clipart spread out all over the website. If you want a fast response then catch me on facebook.  

We make cupcake toppers in different sizes too. These pictured above would be the large cupcake toppers. 

We have smaller cupcake topper templates like this one pictured below. Maybe your child is having a dog party then try this one. Just print and cut out. Laminate if you want. Then tape a toothpick or a colored popsicle stick to the back of the cupcake topper and stick down in cupcake. Remember if you want to personalize this one below just Download to computer and open in PAINT program and add the child's name. It's so EASY!!! (Or catch me on facebook)

Here is a Cupcake Topper with a purple background and a purple present with a bow.

Here is Cupcake topper template with no words.

More stuff at Church House Collection.