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Jan 28, 2012

Valentine's Day Coloring Page for Teacher and Valentine's Day Gifts For Teachers

"Valentine's Day Coloring Page for Teacher"

Print this cute little coloring page off for your child to color and take to his or her teacher. Have them write their name where it say's, "From:".

To print this coloring sheet out click here

Valentine's Day Gift For Teacher
"It Takes A Special Heart To Be A Teacher"

To make it even more special for their teacher just make a little sandwich bag filled with treats or you can fill it with some pudding like I did. lol Fold a square piece of blue construction paper or Blue tag board paper over the top of the bag and staple.Cut a small pink heart out and tape to the side of the blue paper. Cut 4 tiny strips of paper and fold them paper back and forth accordian style. These will be the little heart's arms and legs. Tape those on. Add two blue google eyes by taping those on and add a small blue cut out mouth. Cut out a small square piece of pink tag board paper or construction paper and tape to the blue paper. Write the words, "It takes a special heart to be a teacher. To:  From: " Write the teacher's name in the TO: spot and the child's name in the FROM: spot.