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Feb 8, 2012

The Righteous Shall See The Wicked Fall

Pro 29:16-  When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increaseth: but the righteous shall see their fall. 

When a man has a wicked heart his increase works against him.  There are many that if they had the means to fulfill all their desires it would most certainly lead to destruction.  Some are merely limited by their resources as to the amount of evil they accomplish.  For instance, many of the rich and powerful in this great nation, started out with Christian beginnings and now you can’t even see a hint of Jesus in their lives.  

It is a natural drive to increase our wealth, stature, and well-being while we are here on this earth.  But if we lose sight of the important things we may truly gain the world, but lose our souls.  If we are obedient to Christ and long for his will to be done, then I believe that He will not increase us beyond that which we are able to endure.   Why do I say endure?  Because to whom much is given, must is required.  Wealth and increase can destroy the Christian in many ways.  The power that money gives, can give us a false sense of independence from God.  The ability to have all good things is paralleled by the ability to have all bad things.  There are things that might tempt you now that you just simply don’t have the means.  Perhaps a current situation for someone is simply to keep their heart true to God.  If we work on our hearts and learn to trust Him and desire to do His will, then He is faithful to equip us with what we need to do it.  If we increase, but He does not, there is a problem.  I think many say and even believe that we would do more if we could.  Or even plan to do more in the future.  I believe that if we will start today and do the little that we can now, that before you know it you will look back and say, “Wow, I have done a lot.”  Ten dollars to someone who needs it will go further than no dollars.  One kind word will go further than no words.  One soul saved because you told someone about Jesus will go further than any amount of money.
If I asked, “How much have you done for Jesus in your life?”  Some would answer with all kinds of great things while others might shy away with guilt or remorse.  But that is ok, because God is not near as concerned with where you have been, or where you are.  He is much more interested in where you are going in both this life and eternity.  So, I know we all want to go to Heaven, but where do you want to go in this life?  Ask God what you can do for Him and when he shows you, well, just do it!