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Mar 27, 2012

Paper Book Craft

Paper Book Craft

1.      Fold a full sheet of paper in half the long way.
2.      Fold the paper in half the short way.
3.      Fold the two short ends so they meet in the middle.
4.      You now have eight rectangles.
5.      With the short sides together, cut through both layers of the fold in the middle so that the cut is along the fold through the middle sections only.  (See picture)
6.      Pull the sections with the cut out to the side.  (See picture)
7.      Fold the pages against each other to finish the book.  (See picture.)
8.      Now you are ready to use the book for any lesson.  Write Bible verses, draw pictures or paste cutouts onto the pages.  Use this idea again and again!
9.      Branch out and use colored or printed paper for more fun.