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Apr 27, 2012

Mother's Day Oatmeal Pie Flower Arrangement

Mother's Day Oatmeal Pie
Flower Arrangement
  • Plastic Knife 
  • Flower Template
  • Tape
  • Oatmeal Pie 
  • Small flower pot with flowers from dollar store
 Just tape a plastic knife to the back of an oatmeal pie and stick down in a cheap flower pot with flowers. This actually came from the dollar tree. It was only a 1.00. Mom's will get a kick out of this Oatmeal Pie Flower Arrangement.

Try making a "Soda Oatmeal Pie Flower Arrangement" instead. Just grab one of mom's favorite soda's and tape the knife to the can with tape. Add a pretty ribbon.

Or try adding more oatmeal pie flowers around the can for a fuller flower arrangement. Mom will love her tasty snack arrangement. Mom don't like oatmeal pies? Try using a different snack cake or candy bars.

Flower Template With Words

Flower Template No Words