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May 15, 2012

100 Cedar Wood Slices For Crafts, Candles, Decorations, Blanks, Rustic Weddings

100+ freshly cut cedar wood slices. These are raw wood, nothing has been added to it. Use these to make wood crafts, for candles, decorations, weddings, or whatever else you can think of. These are from a Cedar tree. Approximate thickness is 1/4". Diameter will range from approx min 2 1/2" to max 4" with a slightly oval shape. Most of these will be 3"+
All measurements are approximate. Extra slices will be included with each order.

If you need oak, hickory, pine, or cedar just send me a message. I can provide slices in each of these. If you need them thicker just let me know and I will get you a price.

I have been an eBayer for years, but decided to give Etsy a try. Seems like a great opportunity to explore.

This is a stock photo but any orders will be consistent with what you see.