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May 8, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Printable Card For Kids To Make

Happy Mother's Day 
Printable Card For Kids To Make

Just print the card template out on card stock and cut them out. Have the child color the black and white one before they cut it out. Fold the card in half on gray line. Have the child write a note to mom on the inside. Have them add a scripture if you want. 
You could also make it extra pretty by smearing some stick glue on the flower and adding clear glitter. Try taping a sucker to the inside of the card or maybe something else that mom likes to eat.

To print the template above. Just click on the picture. Then right click on the picture. Click VIEW IMAGE. Then Click on FILE from your own computer in the top left hand corner. Click PRINT PREVIEW. Make sure it looks like it's going to print right. Then click FILE again and click PRINT. I hope that is not to complicated to figure out. Otherwise, if you don't follow these steps, it will show you a blackened out picture to print.