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Jul 26, 2012

Don't Let These Sins Trap You Bulletin Board Idea

This is such a simple way to dress your Sunday School bulletin board up. Just cover the bulletin board in pink paper or fabric. Then add some black yarn in the middle by stapling it on. This will be your spider web. Buy some plastic or rubber insects like a grasshopper, fly, spider, butterfly and stick them to your board right on top of the web. Cut strips of construction paper out and write one word on each paper like- Stealing, Cheating, Lying, Alcohol, Fighting, etc.  

Discuss the Bible Memory Verse from Psalms 141:4 and talk about ways the children can keep from being drawn to what is evil.

Be sure to add your words in black letters, "Don't Let These Sins Trap You" at the top of the board. Optional: You could add the Psalms141:4 scripture to the board if you have enough room and letters.

Here is a print out template below :