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Sep 30, 2012

Twinkie Snacks For Kids

  Twinkie Snacks For Kids

The Word Instills Necessary Keys In Everyone 

 Take a look at this little twinkie. He has his little Bible opened up to his favorite scripture. It's Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today and forever. Twinkies are like a sponge cake that is made at a factory and is filled with cream filling. 

I sat for a long time trying to figure out a saying that could go with the word TWINKIE and came up with this, "The Word Instills Necessary Keys In Everyone"

  • Twinkies or Cloud Cakes
  • Captain Crunch Cereal or Berry Colossal Crunch- for arms, legs and eyes
  • 4 Toothpicks per twinkie 
  • Green Construction Paper
  • Pen (to write the scripture down)
  • Decorative Cutting Scissors
  • Pink Frosting- to make a smile

 Lay your twinkie cake down on a pan covered in foil. Now let's take some captain crunch cereal or the Berry Colossal Crunch and stick 6 square cereals on the toothpick. Make four of these. This will be the arms and legs. Once you are done insert the Cereal arms and legs into the twinkie. You will have enough of the toothpick still sticking out to stick into the twinkie. 

Now take two colored berries from the cereal bag and use these for eyes. Add a little of your pink frosting to the back of the round colored cereals and stick on the twinkie for eyes. Add a pink frosting smile mouth. 

Next take your decorative cutting scissors and cut a square out and bend it in half a little so it will make a crease. Take your pen and draw a wavy line all around the bible. Add a long rectangle in the middle to represent the middle of the Bible. On the right side of the little bible write down the scripture- Hebrews 13:8- Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today and forever. On the left hand side of the little Bible write 5 wavy squiggle lines down the paper. This will look like more words written down the paper without actually having to write anything else.  Now lay the little paper bible at the top of the twinkie you made. This will look like Mr. Twinkie is holding his bible up. 

Sep 28, 2012

Fall Scarecrow Bulletin Board Idea

Fall Scarecrow "God's Pumpkin Patch"
Bulletin Board Idea For Sunday School

Fall Leaves Border
Jumbo Fall Leaves Classroom Cutouts
Orange Letters
Jumbo Pumpkin Classroom Cutouts
Stuffed Scarecrow
1 Small Scarecrow
1 Small Bible To Staple to little Scarecrow (made from jello box)
Fall Pumpkin and Squash and Fruit Set
Pumpkin Tissue Decorations (To add to the ceiling)

I did not cover the bulletin board in any paper. I just left it brown because it blended well for the fall look. I covered the bulletin board in some fall leaves border. I just stapled that all around the board. Then I added some very large pumpkins at the bottom of the board and stapled those on.

 I stapled large leaves all over the board. Then I stapled the fruit and squash set at bottom and scatted the apples, and corn all around the board too.  I also bought a large scarecrow that you have to stuff yourself and stapled that to the center of the board.

  I added a small scarecrow in the upper right hand corner. I bought that from Walmart and then I added a small bible in it's hand. I made that by using an empty jello box. I just covered a small jello box with white paper and wrote the word "Bible" on the front.

I also hung Pumpkin tissue decorations all along the top above the bulletin board close to the ceiling. Most stuff was bought through Oriental Trading.

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Sep 26, 2012

Acorn Name Tags

Without The Word "Bible"

With The Word "Bible"
Acorn Holding Bible
Name Tags

Acorn With Bible Name Tags- With the word Bible
Acorn Without Bible Name Tags- Without the word bible

These are free printable acorn name tags. This comes with two different print out templates. One has a picture of an acorn holding a bible with the word "BIBLE" written inside of it. The other template has a picture of acorn holding a book with no words on it.

You could print these out and cut them out and hand the child their name tag and let them color it first. Then laminate these and add a pin through it to pin to their shirt. Or you could use tape to tape it to the their clothes.

You could also print these on Peel and Stick paper. They sell this at Walmart or you can find it online. Just print the template off using this peel and stick paper and then cut out the name tags. When you are ready to use it then just peel the back off and stick to the child's shirt. Write the child's name on the line.

Use these name tags to go along with our Acorn Lesson Plan.

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Acorn Calendar- Printable Calendars For Kids

Printable Acorn Calendar

Printable Acorn With Bible Calendar

 Just pick out which calendar you need and print it out. Have the child color the acorn and then fill the month and numbers in.

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Acorn With Bible Snack For Kids

Acorn With Bible Snack For Kids In Sunday School
"Me And Jesus Are Nutty Buddies"

  • Peanut Butter
  • Butter Knife
  • Crushed Nuts- any kind
  • Black Gel Writing Frosting
  • Bell Cookie Cutter
  • Present Cookie Cutter
  • 1 Slice of Bread

Your going to take your bell cookie cutter and cut a bell shape out of 1 slice of bread. This will leave s very small tiny amount of bread all the way around. I used the leftover on this to cut the little Bible out. I used the corner of the bread and pressed the present cookie cutter into the side of the corner of the bread to get what you see above. It is almost square but not really. I just didn't want to waste bread.

Take your peanut butter and smear it all over the bell shaped bread cutout and square bread cutout. Turn your bell upside down and it will look like an acorn. You are going to take some crushed nuts of any kind and just sprinkle it on the bottom of the bell. But this will actually be the top... Add 2 large pieces of crushed nuts for the eyes and mouth.

Take a black frosting writer pen and write the word BIBLE on the small square you cut out. Use this fun little snack to go along with our Acorn Lesson Plan. These would make great fall snacks for the kids in Children's church.

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Sep 25, 2012

Funny Free Fall Clipart

Apple Sewing A Fall Leaf Pillow Clipart

Apple Sewing A Fall Leaf Pillow Clipart

Mouse Got His Nose Stuck In A Cherry Pie Clipart

Mouse Got His Nose Stuck In A Cherry Pie Clipart

Fall Leaf Bag Clipart

Fall Leaf Bag Clipart

Squirrel Baking Clipart

Squirrel Baking Clipart

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Sep 24, 2012

Acorn Holding Bible Cutout Picture Craft For Sunday School

Acorn Holding A Bible Cutout Picture Craft
 For Sunday School

Just pick out which template you need. We have a colored one and a black and white if the kids want to color it instead. Just have them color the picture with crayons or markers and then have them cut the pieces of the acorn out. Have them glue the pieces all together on colored paper. Just glue the little acorns hat to the top of his body and add his eyes, mouth, stem, and his arms. This is a great craft for kids to do in the fall time.

Teach the kids that it's very important to read and study their Bible. 2 Timothy 2:15- Study to shew thyself approved unto God...

Colored Acorn Cutout Sheet

Black and White Acorn Cutout Sheet

Sep 22, 2012

Bible Acorn Activity Sheet For Kids For Sunday School

Bible Acorn Activity Sheet For Kids 
For Sunday School

This is a fun little activity for the kids to do in Sunday school class or children's Church. Just have them color the picture and then cut the tree and acorns out. Have them piece the tree together and glue down on colored paper. Then have them glue the acorns on the tree. These acorns have words written on each one- "Jesus Rules, God, Holy Ghost, I'm Saved, Praise Jesus, I AM, Alpha & Omega, Glory To God, Bible's Rock, Fall-ing For Jesus, Lamb Of God, Holy Spirit" 

The second print out sheet below has no words on the acorns. You can have the children write their own words or whatever you want them to write on the acorns to fit your lesson. This is a great Fall activity for kids to do.

With Words On The Acorns

Without Words On The Acorns

Sheep Clipart