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Sep 22, 2012

Bible Acorn Activity Sheet For Kids For Sunday School

Bible Acorn Activity Sheet For Kids 
For Sunday School

This is a fun little activity for the kids to do in Sunday school class or children's Church. Just have them color the picture and then cut the tree and acorns out. Have them piece the tree together and glue down on colored paper. Then have them glue the acorns on the tree. These acorns have words written on each one- "Jesus Rules, God, Holy Ghost, I'm Saved, Praise Jesus, I AM, Alpha & Omega, Glory To God, Bible's Rock, Fall-ing For Jesus, Lamb Of God, Holy Spirit" 

The second print out sheet below has no words on the acorns. You can have the children write their own words or whatever you want them to write on the acorns to fit your lesson. This is a great Fall activity for kids to do.

With Words On The Acorns

Without Words On The Acorns