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Sep 28, 2012

Fall Scarecrow Bulletin Board Idea

Fall Scarecrow "God's Pumpkin Patch"
Bulletin Board Idea For Sunday School

Fall Leaves Border
Jumbo Fall Leaves Classroom Cutouts
Orange Letters
Jumbo Pumpkin Classroom Cutouts
Stuffed Scarecrow
1 Small Scarecrow
1 Small Bible To Staple to little Scarecrow (made from jello box)
Fall Pumpkin and Squash and Fruit Set
Pumpkin Tissue Decorations (To add to the ceiling)

I did not cover the bulletin board in any paper. I just left it brown because it blended well for the fall look. I covered the bulletin board in some fall leaves border. I just stapled that all around the board. Then I added some very large pumpkins at the bottom of the board and stapled those on.

 I stapled large leaves all over the board. Then I stapled the fruit and squash set at bottom and scatted the apples, and corn all around the board too.  I also bought a large scarecrow that you have to stuff yourself and stapled that to the center of the board.

  I added a small scarecrow in the upper right hand corner. I bought that from Walmart and then I added a small bible in it's hand. I made that by using an empty jello box. I just covered a small jello box with white paper and wrote the word "Bible" on the front.

I also hung Pumpkin tissue decorations all along the top above the bulletin board close to the ceiling. Most stuff was bought through Oriental Trading.

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