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Oct 12, 2012

Joseph Interprets The Butler And Baker's Dreams Snack Idea

Joseph Interprets The Butler And Baker's Dreams
Snack Idea

Just let the kids eat some grapes with either real grape juice, grape soda, grape kool-aid. This is for when the butler saw the grapes in his dream.

You could also do many other snacks to go along with this lesson on Joseph interpreting the butler and bakers dreams. You could make grape cupcakes, grape cookies, grape jelly and peanut butter sandwiches, grapes on a stick, grape, some type of grape candy.

You could also try a baker snack such as rolling pin cookies, baker hat cookies, chef hat cookies, chef hat cake, spoon related snacks, whisk snacks, or anything relates to a baker.

We just had grapes and grape soda for our kids at church. It really brings the story to life when you are able to apply food to the bible lesson.

I made some grape cupcake topper templates below for you to print. One comes with words and the other one don't have any words.
There is free grape clipart below if you want to use that for something. Just copy and paste.

Grapes and Grape Juice With Words Template

Grapes and Grape Juice With No Words Template