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Dec 10, 2012

Give Hope To The Helpless

As many as 27 million women and children are in slavery today―working in forced labor or sexual servitude. The captors use brutal tactics to lure their victims and break them down.

Your support can help rescue and lead them to freedom in Christ.

The promise of a better-paying job led Alena to leave her home in Belarus for a brighter future in Greece. Never imagining she’d be enslaved by sex traffickers, she found herself locked in an apartment with five other enslaved women. She endured severe beatings, violent rapes and extreme emotional torment that extinguished her will to fight back. Men came in and used her as they pleased. She feared daily for her life, and God heard her cries.

Rescued from her former captors, she is now learning about her worth in Christ in the safety of a rescue home supported by Hand of Hope. Alena is only one of millions of women and children who’ve fallen prey to human traffickers today.

Go To Joyce Meyer Page to watch video.

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