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Dec 18, 2012

Wood Slice Craft Ideas- "Sock Monkey Pin" "Nativity Pin" "Christmas Tree Pin" "Christmas Wreath Pin" Butterfly Pin" -From Tree Wood Slices

 Stocking Wood Magnet

 Christmas Wreath With Ribbon Pin

 Christmas Tree With Ribbon Pin

 Close up of Christmas Tree With Ribbon Pin

 Sock Monkey Pins

 Sock Monkey Pins (the back)

 Baby Jesus In The Manger Magnet

 Gingerbread "You Are Sweet" Magnet

 JOY Magnet

 Wood Slices Decorated

Butterfly With Ribbon Pin

Your class can make these cute magnets and pins just like you see by using some markers, glitter, glue, magnets, pins, and ribbon. We sell bulk wood slices for you classroom to paint on. Just go to our store and buy what you need. These are just some ideas on what you can do with them. 

Let the kids draw a picture on the front of the wood slice and decorate it however they want and glue on a magnet or pin on the back depending on what you want. If you want ribbon hanging down then just glue that on the back. These are perfect crafts for the kids to do in class.

Go to our Church House Woodworks STORE!

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