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Feb 9, 2013

Valentine Heart Bulletin Board For Children's Church

Valentine Heart Bulletin Board Idea 
For Children's Church

Paper Plate (for each child)
2 Pieces of Colored Construction Paper (for each child- 1 for arms and legs and 1 for bible)
Sticker Eyes
Black Marker
Crayons or Markers
White Pipe Cleaners (To stick in the top of the heart's head for antennas) 

Take your paper plate and fold it in half. Cut a heart shape out using regular scissors or you can use decorative cutting scissors.

 Let the kids color their paper plate heart any color they want and offer them matching construction paper to go with their heart for the legs and arms. 

Have them fold the construction paper in half long ways and fold again. This will make creases in the paper for them to cut on. Have them cut four strips out. Have them take the strips and fold it back and forth accordion style to make ridges in it. Tape the arms and legs to the paper plate heart. Let the kids add sticker eyes and draw a mouth and eyebrows on. 

You could have them take a pipe cleaner and cut it in half and twist it around their finger to make it curly and then poke the ends of it in the top of the heart's head for antennas.

 Make a small bible from construction paper that is a different color than the arms and legs and cut a square out. Fold in half and let them write BIBLE on the front of it and something on the inside.

Once the kids are done staple all their hearts onto your bulletin board. This would be great for Valentine's Day or for a lesson on loving Jesus.