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Mar 11, 2013

Jelly Bean Prayer Cross Cut Out Plant Stake Craft

 Jelly Bean Prayer Cross
Cut Out Plant Stake Craft

 I made a printable Jelly Bean Prayer cross template for the kids to color and cut out. Just have the kids color the cross and the Jelly Beans. There are 8 Jelly Beans so the kids need to use these colors -Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Black, White, Purple, and Pink. Once they are done coloring the cross and Jelly Beans, have them cut the cross and Jelly Beans out and then glue or tape the Jelly Beans onto the cross.

Then have them tape a large Popsicle stick to the back of the cross and then let them stick it down into a plant. Or you could just leave the popsicle stick off and let them just make the cross. They could even glue the cross down on colored construction paper instead. You could always laminate this if you want it to last.

Colored Jelly Bean Prayer Template-printable version

Black And White Jelly Bean Prayer Template- printable version
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