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Mar 16, 2013

Thou Shalt Not Steal Snacks For Kids For Ten Commandments- Theif Burglar Stealing Money Bag Snacks

 Thou Shalt Not Steal Snack
 For The Ten Commandments
This is the 8th commandment for the 10 commandments. Just print the template out below and cut the pictures out and staple to a Debbie cake. I used oatmeal cream pies. If you would rather bake something you could always bake a cake that is in the shape of a money bag. Do a search online and look up money bag cakes or cookies. You could also do chocolate money coins and put them in a cut out piece of burlap that is tied with some yarn. You could also do money cakes or money cookies that look like dollar bills. You could do lot's of different snacks for this one. I actually saw some really cute Money Bag cake pops online but I was really not up for it making those. lol..

Thou Shalt Not Steal Template printable version