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Apr 19, 2013

Thou Shalt Not Steal Toilet Paper Roll Craft For The 10 Commandments - Exodus 20:15

 Thou Shalt Not Steal Toilet Paper Roll Craft For 10 Commandments
Exodus 20:15- Thou Shalt Not Steal

Pick which template you need below and print it off. Have the children color the picture and then cut it out. Have them tape the picture onto a toilet paper roll tube. I buy my toilet paper roll tubes (cardboard roll tubes or craft rolls) from Oriental Trading. You get 24 pieces for $5.25. 

Wrap the square piece of paper that has the scripture on it around the toilet paper roll and tape in the back. Tape the thief to the front of the craft roll. Then have the child add the scripture they cut out right over the words on the square and tape down.