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Apr 2, 2013

Wood Slices For Sale For Rustic Country Cowboy Western Wedding Themes- Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas

Wood Slices For Sale For Rustic, Country,
 Cowboy, Western Wedding Themes
"Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas"

Cut up wood slices make a perfect decor for Rustic Wedding Themes. You can do so many things with these little tree circles. You can stamp, write, or burn what ever you want on them. Try drilling a hole in the top of one of the wood slices and running some Twisted Jute Twine through it. Then hang it on many different things like glass jars filled with wood slices, trees outside, or the barn that is filled with your wedding guests. 

There are so many ideas that you can incorporate into your
simple country wedding theme. 

  • Wash tubs filled with iced drinks
  • Wooden cake stands using a very large wood slice
  • Mason Jars filled with wood slices with twine around top
  • Mason Jars filled with Sweet Tea or cider
  • Tin Buckets filled with baby's breath 
  • Branchs or twigs set as centerpieces at the table
  • Tiny Hay Bales with name place cards
  • Burlap table runners
  • Roasted peanuts in a small brown bag for favors
  • Write table numbers on wood slices
  • Pine Cones with name place cards on them
  • Pine Cone Bouquets or Pine Cone Boutonnieres
  • Mason Jar Wedding Invitations- printables online
  • Wood Slice Wedding Invitations- just stamp the info on the wood 
  • Rustic Orange bridesmaid dresses     
  • Have your wedding in a Gorgeous Rustic Barn
  • Giveaway prizes using wood slices. Just write number on each wood slice and hand it out to each wedding guest. The number that is called wins the prize. Great fun to pass the time.  

This is a picture of the 2 inch wood slices we offer for you to add to your Rustic Wedding Theme! 

Our wood slices come in different sizes. 
1 inch - 3 inch. 
4 inch - 7 inch. 
8 inch -14 inch. 

We have Rustic Wooden Candle Holders for you to make beautiful centerpieces with. Just add a burlap table runner and add some wooden candle holders to the middle. Sprinkle wood slices all down the table like it's glitter! Talk about RUSTIC! 

We sell large wood slices to set your cakes on too! If your needing something special then please send us email through our etsy store and ask us! We would be glad to help you out if we can!

Buy up your Rustic Wedding supplies today!

Look at the wood slice cake stand we have made using wood slices.We glued the wood slices all around the cake stand. Talk about one of a kind cake stand at your Rustic Wedding Theme! This is so simple you can even do it yourself. Just glue wood slices to a cake stand. It's that simple! We do sell these wood slice cake stands like this from time to time in our Church House Woodworks Etsy Store.


Go to our Church House Woodworks Etsy Store to buy what you need for your Simple Rustic Wedding Theme! 

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