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May 15, 2013

Ten Commandments Sunday School Lessons- 10 Commandments Lesson For Kids

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Your class will never forget the Ten commandments once you go through each lesson like this. Each week you can do a new commandment that comes with crafts, mazes, puzzles, snacks and more.  Make sure you have the children say the 10 commandments out loud in order each time you do a lesson so that way they can start getting this into their little minds. It will help them to memorize it. Kids learn from repetition.

I made Ten commandments cards for the kids and had them color them and cut them out and we put them in ziplock bags with their name wrote on the outside of the plastic ziplock bag. With each lesson I get the cards out and have the kids say these out loud with me twice while they look at them. We have the Ten Commandments Snacks.  We also have the Ten Commandments Bulletin Board idea.

(Just click on the Ten Commandments cards link that you see up above and print the black and white template out that I made and use that. You could also use it as a coloring page. I originally made it for the bible matching game, but you can use it many different ways.)

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